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Haters on Texas During Harvey

Hurricane Harvey unleashed surprising devastation upon Texas from Corpus Christi to well past Houston. It was not the wind so much as the rain and flooding. As I speak, Americans and even Mexicans joined arms to reach out to people needing rescue and supplies. While the hard work of helping those in need continues with the assistance of thousands of volunteers from around the hemisphere, others sit at their keyboard to dish out a spoonful of hatred. Reading the comments on Twitter, Facebook, and even the emails sent to the Texas Nationalist Movement will almost make you lose faith in humanity.

Hateful Publications

Current cover of Charlie Hebdo.

You may remember that on January 7, 2015 Islamic militants attacked the Parisian based office of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo. Facebook profile photos were adorned with a layover of the French Flag with the caption “Je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie.)  Today, Charlie Hebdo returns the favor by honoring the Texas victims of the current flooding crisis… Just kidding. Charlie Hebdo displays hateful stereotyping of Texans as racist neo-Nazis.

The latest issue of Charlie Hebdo displays rising floodwaters with Nazi flags and “heil Hitler” hands (and a foot) poking above the water. The caption translated to English reads “God Exists! He drowned all the Neo Nazis in Texas!” a claim insupportable by the evidence and needlessly insulting to a nation in distress.

Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, best captures the irony of Hebdo’s claims in stating:

Charlie Hebdo says Texans are Nazis. Only one of our countries surrendered to and collaborated with the Nazis. Hint… it wasn’t Texas.

Cartoon from Politico, promoted on Twitter.

Additionally, The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway laid the smackdown on Politco for ridiculing Texans for not worshiping at the altar of Big Government. Apparently, Politico, like many other comments I have read, think all Texans are backwoods secessionist rednecks who only like the government when we can get rescued. Ms. Hemingway did a fine job of putting Politico in their place.

Keyboard Activists

Still other keyboard activists and SJWs cannot help but overlook our shared humanity. They display the blind hatred and racism of their hearts when they sit down to tell how much they love hearing of the death and suffering in Houston.

Daniel Miller also took a moment to post to Facebook the following:

Attention Haters! Please, can you at least withhold your hateful emails until AFTER Harvey passes? We know that it’s hard for you to understand but right now Texans are busy taking care of Texans. Feel free to resume your hate-filled emailing later next week. #TEXIT

Some of the emails he has been receiving go like this (uncorrected for grammar and spelling):

“….Good luck with your national disasters in the future. Oh, you can keep Ted Cruz, too, nobody else would take him.”

“….right now we are still living under Obama’s budgets. And you should be thankful for that because there is money to help TX after a disaster…. Enjoy your federal FEMA welfare you double-speak redneck trash parasites. And enjoy “God’s showers” too…. Texas can deal with the recovery from Harvey on its own. Don’t burden the taxpayers of “my” country with the problems of your Republic.”

“You all tout your racist junk minds about being independent and now want money from the government? Really! What a bunch of old dying white racists that are nothing more than mere hypocrites! Screw your stupid cause! Pay for the damage yourselves you bunch of thieves!”

“You guys need to secceed. That way we can come down there and kick your a** again. You do remember the civil war. Right wing conservative morons that you are. You get exactly what you deserve. You hate the federal govt. until you becoming crying little bi***es screaming help me. Eff you, you POS A**wipes.”

Granted, Texans expect help from our state and federal government. After all, Uncle Sam did take our money with the promise of returning it on an as-needed basis. Considered this “as-needed.”

Galveston 1900

In 1900 Galveston was decimated by the worst hurricane in Texas history. The population of Galveston in 1900 was almost 38k. The death toll was estimated between 6k-12k with millions of dollars damage (1900 era dollar estimate.)  Galveston decided that if they were to have a future, they needed to build a wall to protect the city from storm surges and elevate the city to avert flooding.

At that time, the federal government was not pilfering its states. Galveston wrote bonds to fund the initial stages of the project. The second stage was funded by congress because it entailed protecting Ft. Crockett.

So, when Texans say, “We don’t need the Federal Government” we are not necessarily saying, “stay away during search, rescue and recovery.” We are saying that if you would stay out of our pockets to start with, then we would already have the funds on hand to handle our business and less bureaucracy to fight with to unleash our funds.

Government Can Not Do It Alone

Tweet from Houston’s mayor prior to Harvey landfall.

Note that every major disaster seems to involve FEMA and their inability to act swiftly because of the famed wall of red tape. It is not so much that FEMA doesn’t care, it’s just that, as a government agency, its nature is to act slowly. While they wait for a mayor or governor to ask for help, and congress to approve his request so they can begin getting their resources, at the scene there are citizens suffering and dying. Citizens cannot wait for the government, and must act immediately. Every disaster involves the statement “government resources are overwhelmed” and citizens are picking up the slack. Harvey is no different.

SJWs Overlook Obvious Facts

Getting back to the hate-tweets, recently Tampa U. professor Kenneth Storey made this one:

I dont believe in instant karma but this kinda feels like it for Texas. Hopefully this will help them realize the GOP doesnt care about them.

I am not one to believe in instant karma either, but it kinda feels like it since Prof. Storey was immediately fired for making this comment.

While keyboard warriors from Twitter to Hebdo spew their vitriol at their neighbors in Texas and talk about how Texans get what they deserve, they overlook a simple fact that can be easily spun on them. The hardest hit area was Houston. Houston, the fourth largest city in the USA, is a Democrat stronghold. Maybe Mr. Storey should consider the cosmic significance of that. But no. This wasn’t Karma or a wrathed God, it was hurricane season.


This is the saddest article I have ever written. The lack of humanity and arrogant callousness offered by some is heartbreaking. Though you’re free to say how much you despise Texans, we will rise above all that. Our Texan spirit reminds us that it is ok; we will handle what has to be handled, with or without you… and more likely without you since you are so busy shoveling hate.

But all is not lost. I know in my heart that good-will will overcome elitist disdain. For instance, Todd in Louisiana sent his gratitude for friendship and encouragement to Texans.

Also, independence seekers in California, with wildly different views than most Texans, recognize this as a time to set aside politics and lend a helping hand.

But for those that still delight in our suffering and say, “Please, please, please secede NOW. Texas can deal with the recovery from Harvey on its own,” perhaps we will. Your hate certainly gives us no motivation to stay, but rather punctuates the fact that we are certainly two different peoples. And when we leave, Americans will no longer need to bother with taking our money nor helping Texas, should you choose not to.

But I know Texans better than you. And when disaster strikes the USA (and it will) Texas will not give a second thought to your race or political ideology. Even an independent Texas will help her neighbor; it’s who we are; it’s in our blood. We recognize the time to set aside differences and reach out. While you wish for us to go to hell, forgive us if we don’t follow your example.

However, in the meantime, Bless your heart.


Written By

Native Texan raised in NE Texas. Husband. Father of six.


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