January 20, 2020
  • Perspective

    My AR Is Ready For You

    September 26, 2019 0
    Last week, a political party of violence peddling Bolsheviks held a debate involving candidates who wish to be anointed the next American Emperor. One candidate by the name of Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke adamantly announced his intentions to confiscate the firearms [...]
  • Hand recording written vote.
    In part 1 of this article I examined the evidence for and against election fraud across these United States, concluding that to dismiss it is foolish. On the other hand, the occurrence of fraud is [...]
  • Federal
    Is the U.S. a federated union, as the Constitution suggests, or a single nation as is often believed? This question is an odd one considering what our founders intended for these United States. Nevertheless, it [...]
  • Hand recording written vote.
    We’ve seen claims by the right of rampant election fraud, while the left claims there is none, or at least that it is negligible. As you will soon learn, the truth—as is often the case—lies [...]
  • #TEXIT
    New York Magazine recently published an opinion article entitled, “Divided We Stand: The country is hopelessly split. So why not make it official and break up?” The near 6500-word what-if piece speaks to the deepening [...]
  • #TEXIT
    The Wall Street Journal recently put out an article on U.S. federal debt, and its findings are so bad that the government of Texas is running out of excuses for not side-stepping the federal government [...]
  • Perspective
    In the drama surrounding the firing of now former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, some interesting facts regarding his acting replacement have emerged. Specifically, the new Attorney General has in the past supported the right of [...]
  • #TEXIT

    A House Divided

    November 7, 2018 0
    In a midterm election result that surprised virtually no one, the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives while the Republicans increase their majority in the Senate. Though there are a few races that [...]
  • #TEXIT
    In a recent idle moment on Twitter, I came across a painting of Donald Trump. The image was of a sad-faced President cradling a tattered American flag in a football stadium, and it bore the [...]
  • Politics
    Facebook has opened what they are calling a “war room,” with the goal of stopping “the spread of misinformation and propaganda.” The so-called “war room” is a center of employees who have expertise in areas [...]
  • Culture
    As the Texas General Land Office and the city of San Antonio are finalizing their plans to “reimagine” the Alamo, including putting the 82-year-old cenotaph in jeopardy by removing it from the Alamo plaza, Texas [...]
  • #TEXIT
    Halloween is nearly upon us. And shortly after that, Texas will be faced with an equally scary event: election day. Early voting for the mid-term elections begins tomorrow, and while all eyes are fixed on [...]

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Political Climate Change

October 3, 2018 0

Two workers from Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign staff were hospitalized yesterday after being exposed to a powdery substance sent in a package to a Houston campaign location, an event happening shortly after the Pentagon received a […]

Amazon Backs Down on TEXIT Book-Ban

September 26, 2018 0

Amazon reverses course after banning TEXIT book during Banned Books Week, restoring the title to their site for purchase. For some weeks, Amazon has been singling out TEXIT : How and Why Texas Will Leave […]