Basque Turns Out For Catalonian Independence

Last Saturday (08/12/2017), the cause of Catalonian independence received a boost when a new group joined their efforts.

According to Yahoo News, San Sebastian, Spain, was the scene where Basque supporters, who turned out in their thousands, showed solidarity for Catalan and their upcoming independence referendum by marching publicly, bearing the flag of Catalan.

Besides once again thrusting the cause of Catalonian independence back into the public’s eye, the importance of this demonstration is twofold. First, it’s significant for the identity of the protesters. Basque has long wanted independence from Spain, and their efforts have gravitated towards the violent. The Basque people showing up to publicly support the October first independence referendum gives Catalan a public boost for their efforts by having the blessing of the original Spanish independence group. Second, the importance in this move by the Basque is in its method. This demonstration could show that popular non-violent approaches to independence may be growing in popularity in Spain. Instead of returning to the violence of the past to achieve their ends, perhaps the Basque region may seek similar solutions to that of Catalan.

This protest couldn’t have come any later. After repeated threats from the government in Madrid and the media touting polls forecasting that the independence referendum will fail in the fall, this show of support may be just the thing to help the pro-independence supporters re-rally. That, combined with displeasure at Madrid intimidation, may help Catalan make up for minor losses at the polls.

The referendum’s result in October is sure to cause ripples that touch more than just Iberia, despite the results. Whatever the Catalonians decide, one thing should be communicated in crystal clarity to Catalan and to all peoples that chafe under the control of a larger aloof power and long to be free to rule themselves… the choice is theirs.

  • Is the communist Basque and Catalan movement good news?

    • Like the U.S. and the rest of Europe, Catalan and Basque have a socialist/communist element. What we support at the Texian Partisan is not their specific political choices, but their right as a people to make them, even if (as you seem to fear) they make bad choices.

      • COL Bullseye

        Ryan–you’re becoming way too distracted by Stevie Boy, the Nanny-State Snowflake. Freedom minded patriots know exactly what your story is trying to convey. Great writing!

    • Weird that you assert that I fear anything.

    • Concern was all that was implied. I wasn’t saying you were scared of anything.

    • I lived in Spain for many years. My uncle was a basque communist. I even spent time in Bilbao and San Sebastian. This is bad for everyone.

    • You may be right, but don’t you agree that individuals as well as nations have a right to their own bad choices? Or do you think there ought to be a higher power that comes in to save them from their decisions? Who would you empower to save you from yourself?

    • Every nation has a right, but they are doing it arbitrarily without public support. Those that want to secede are a small and violent group. (I.e ETA)

    • The effort for Catalan independence has thus far been peaceful and democratic. It is unimportant if you or I disagree with it; it’s not our decision.

    • Ohhhh, this didn’t just come up recently. There is a violent history. I guess we just conveniently overlook it. Innocent people are bombed all the time.

    • I’m speaking of the current independence effort. I can’t account for all of history, in which violence tends to be the norm. The point is that no people can rule another if they withdraw their consent. That is only thing I wholeheartedly support, and the object of this article.

      You’ve made your point clear in that you think they should stay with Spain, and I, that they should make up their own minds. Therefore, there’s little else to be said on the matter.

      Thank you for reading.

  • Bad idea.

    • Roger Young

      But no reason is given, making your comment completely irrelevant.

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