California Secession: Jefferson & the 51st State

The effort to create the 51st U.S. state is steadily growing. Several counties in California’s more conservative North have long complained about disproportionate representation in Sacramento. If they have their way, then California secession may soon become a reality.

Most of progressive California reveled in the eight years they had under the Obama administration, thinking that things would just go on like this. However, since losing the Congress and then the White House to Trump, there has been increased interest in federalism and other options in local governance. To many Californians, life has become so unfair that even in Hollywood, they’ve momentarily stopped sexually assaulting each other long enough to consider the possibilities under Trump, even the previously reviled option of secession from the United States. The irony is delicious. However, leaving the U.S. isn’t the only option, and for a number of less progressive counties, leaving California is the solution to their personal clash of cultures.

Northern Californians have long complained that they are underrepresented in the state capitol, so much so that the level of representation was the subject of a May lawsuit by a coalition of northern counties and Indian tribes. The area is less densely populated and largely agrarian, easily recognized on the electoral map as the red areas beside a sea of blue. Tired of feeling mistreated and ignored, reduced to merely Sacramento’s piggy bank and bread basket, these counties have allied to appeal to the South for a solution. Instead sympathy, however, the blue counties continue to mock and ignore the North.

As a consequence of being aggrieved and marginalized, the northern counties have decided to take action. Several have already promised their support for seeking independence from the rest of the state and creating a government based on the principles of Thomas Jefferson, the result of which they will be called the State of Jefferson.

Twenty one northern counties have filed declarations, so far. An additional county has a committee working on the proposal, and the most north western county, Del Norte, has a failed ballot measure attempt. The counties and groups behind the proposal hope to persuade the legislature to grant them permission to collectively leave the state. If their petition is ignored, they plan to try their luck in the courts.

Most Texans can sympathize with Northern California’s plight and wish them the best. A great many Texans already recognize what these California counties are now realizing, that we are connected to larger political bodies that hold incompatible values with our own. Truly, it is sad to see what has become of California. However, Californians largely have the state they voted for: a welfare state, a sanctuary state, a state unable to live within its own means, and a state that eyes its more conservative agricultural areas with contempt. The Jefferson initiative is an attempt to adjust to these newer political realities, to preserve their own unique culture, and to bring better representation to the North.

Despite what happens in California, Texan’s future lies with Texas and not with Washington. With or without California, Texas is clearly better off apart from the union of states. However, it would be a shame for America to have to go through the trouble of redesigning the U.S.  flag on Texas’ account. If the creation of the State of Jefferson becomes a reality, then they can have our star on Old Glory, once we’ve recalled our sovereignty from Washington.


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  • Darkmans_Shadow1

    Certainly it would be a good thing for the Northern California counties to secede from the State of California to become the State of Jefferson. This is the same thing that the Western Counties of Virginia did after Virginia seceded from the Union in 1861. Those western counties were unionists, and were not happy with the idea of secession from the Union, so they seceded themselves. Of course they were surrounded by the Union States of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland. They were admitted to the Union in 1863. Jefferson could actually do the same thing West Virginia did and become its own state applying to the US Senate for US statehood. That as Daniel Miller has noted would allow the US flag to remain a 50 Star flag by giving our Star to Jefferson when we become independent and return to being the Nation of Texas. This is another good reason for all of y’all to be working toward Texas Independence. Not maybe as good a reason as becoming free from the tyranny of the over reaching bureaucracy of the Federal Govt, the business killing rules and regulations foisted on us by said Federal Govt, as well as the massive debt burden and runaway spending that we are forced to endure. The US is the Titanic, Texas is the Lifeboat of Independence and Freedom. We must sail away from the sinking ship because if we don’t, we will be dragged down with it when it sinks, and folks, it ain’t gonna be a pretty sight when that happens.

    • 1G25

      After secession, Texas will have to deal with the large number of liberal voters largely found in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. Strict voter qualifications will need to be inaugurated and incorporated in the constitution, and harshly enforced.

      • Rio Grande

        or we could just do the same thing DC has been doing to us all these years and simply outnumber them…or even better, let them secede from the RoT.

  • Rio Grande

    oddly enough, jefferson counties are extremely anti secession from the us.