Texas is a “Global Oil Superpower,” CNN Says

Texas is on-track to becoming third largest oil-producer in the world!

With the shale oil-boom, Texas may be on track to becoming one of the top oil producers in the world! Forget about the Middle East, the real story on the oil market is right here in Texas!

CNN is now calling Texas a “global oil superpower,” and that it could soon sprint past both Iran and Iraq as “plunging drilling costs have sparked an explosion of production out of the Permian Basin of West Texas.” And while this news may come with some initial logistical complications, if this trend holds, Texas would be third in world oil production.

Axios put it this way:

If Texas were a country, it would become the third-largest oil producer in the world — behind Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Readers to Texian Partisan should by now be familiar with how Texas, in nearly every category, has the tools to be independent. Whether its having an economy bigger than Canada’s, our many resources, our own electrical grid and first-rate infrastructure, or our thriving trade and business climate, Texas doesn’t need the Union, neither to survive nor thrive. We certainly don’t need its constant and unconstitutional interference in our lives. Since our constitution gives us the right, maybe it’s time to eliminate the “if” in the sentence “if Texas were a country.”

Texas… we got this!