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Antifa Protest Hoax Continues to Rock Texas

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When the statement from the Texas Nationalist Movement was released yesterday regarding the allegations of the “Texas Antifa” protest of the Sam Houston Monument being a hoax, it caused a political earthquake. The resulting aftershocks have shaken loose new information including a direct communication from the creator of a Facebook page named “Texas Antifa.”

Around 8:30 last night, we received a message from a man calling himself Eric, claiming to be the creator of the “Texas Antifa” Facebook page. In the initial salvo of messages, he admitted that the page is a “satire,” and produced proof that he is indeed an administrator of the page.

He also claimed that his motive for creating the page was to identify and out Antifa supporters, piercing their veil of anonymity. “I list every Antifa member I find on a few of the homeland and local gov pages I have.”

When pressed for connections that he might have with the creators of the “This Is Texas” Facebook page, he seemed reluctant to discuss that aspect of it and refused to comment further. However, by mining his Facebook profile we were able to make some interesting connections including multiple connections to some leaders of Open Carry Texas and a man named Brandon Burkhart, who also has been know to go by the alias of Brandon Hewitt.

Brandon Burkhart is one of the administrators of the “This Is Texas” Facebook page, which was set up to coordinate the counter protest against Antifa. Additionally, someone using the name “Brandon Hewitt” is also listed as organizing the GoFundMe for the counter protest, which has raised close to $4000. Burkhart has an extensive criminal record.

In further conversations with Eric, he feels that, through the sham site, he may have enticed some actual Antifa protesters to show to the June 10th event. However, this seems unlikely as Antifa groups, especially the one in Houston, have called this a hoax and are telling their supporters to avoid the area.

No matter what transpires and statements fly over the coming days and weeks, the narrative will likely be damaging to everyone involved and probably read like this: “One or more individuals that created a fake Facebook page, announced a fake protest of the Sam Houston statue, then organized a counter protest to the fake protest and began accepting monetary and supply donations.”

This is where the potential criminality rears its head and why the TNM said, in its statement, that it is forwarding its findings to law enforcement. If this information plays out, the fraud statutes in the Texas Penal Code seem to clearly fit this situation. And, as we have word that the organizers of the counter protest have met with the Houston Police Department, there may be some question as to whether they intentionally made false statements to the police which is also a crime.

People who are genuinely concerned about protecting the history of Texas, now riled over the fake protest, will be traveling to Houston, to stand up against a threat that did not exist until Eric and his cohorts decided to create one. Well-meaning Texans will be spending their hard-earned dollars to travel to the site of a counter-protest that was organized against a fake protest.

Will people be hurt? Perhaps not physically. However, the one casualty that will take the biggest hit is the cause. As word spreads that everyone was lured there under false pretenses, people will be less likely to respond to real threats to our history and heritage. As we have learned over the last 24 hours, that word was leaking before the TNM ever issued its statement. Sadly, despite what may have been originally intended by the creators of this hoax, this ill-conceived plan may very well have placed a weapon in the hands of the enemies of Liberty.

There is only one thing that can be done by the organizers and instigators to help heal this situation – come clean. Everyone involved should step forward and clarify their role in this matter, publicly apologize, and return any money that may have been raised under false pretenses. While it might be against the advice of the lawyers that they should be hiring today, it is still the right thing to do. It certainly is the Texan thing to do.

What will not help are further denials, obfuscations, and slandering of TNM, Texian Partisan, or others who are asking for the truth. The truth is breaking out, and more will brought into the light, either through organizations like the TNM, the media, or investigations by law enforcement.

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Staff reports from the team at the Texian Partisan.


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