Antifa Protest Hoax Continues to Rock Texas

Photo by Another Believer

When the statement from the Texas Nationalist Movement was released yesterday regarding the allegations of the “Texas Antifa” protest of the Sam Houston Monument being a hoax, it caused a political earthquake. The resulting aftershocks have shaken loose new information including a direct communication from the creator of a Facebook page named “Texas Antifa.”

Around 8:30 last night, we received a message from a man calling himself Eric, claiming to be the creator of the “Texas Antifa” Facebook page. In the initial salvo of messages, he admitted that the page is a “satire,” and produced proof that he is indeed an administrator of the page.

He also claimed that his motive for creating the page was to identify and out Antifa supporters, piercing their veil of anonymity. “I list every Antifa member I find on a few of the homeland and local gov pages I have.”

When pressed for connections that he might have with the creators of the “This Is Texas” Facebook page, he seemed reluctant to discuss that aspect of it and refused to comment further. However, by mining his Facebook profile we were able to make some interesting connections including multiple connections to some leaders of Open Carry Texas and a man named Brandon Burkhart, who also has been know to go by the alias of Brandon Hewitt.

Brandon Burkhart is one of the administrators of the “This Is Texas” Facebook page, which was set up to coordinate the counter protest against Antifa. Additionally, someone using the name “Brandon Hewitt” is also listed as organizing the GoFundMe for the counter protest, which has raised close to $4000. Burkhart has an extensive criminal record.

In further conversations with Eric, he feels that, through the sham site, he may have enticed some actual Antifa protesters to show to the June 10th event. However, this seems unlikely as Antifa groups, especially the one in Houston, have called this a hoax and are telling their supporters to avoid the area.

No matter what transpires and statements fly over the coming days and weeks, the narrative will likely be damaging to everyone involved and probably read like this: “One or more individuals that created a fake Facebook page, announced a fake protest of the Sam Houston statue, then organized a counter protest to the fake protest and began accepting monetary and supply donations.”

This is where the potential criminality rears its head and why the TNM said, in its statement, that it is forwarding its findings to law enforcement. If this information plays out, the fraud statutes in the Texas Penal Code seem to clearly fit this situation. And, as we have word that the organizers of the counter protest have met with the Houston Police Department, there may be some question as to whether they intentionally made false statements to the police which is also a crime.

People who are genuinely concerned about protecting the history of Texas, now riled over the fake protest, will be traveling to Houston, to stand up against a threat that did not exist until Eric and his cohorts decided to create one. Well-meaning Texans will be spending their hard-earned dollars to travel to the site of a counter-protest that was organized against a fake protest.

Will people be hurt? Perhaps not physically. However, the one casualty that will take the biggest hit is the cause. As word spreads that everyone was lured there under false pretenses, people will be less likely to respond to real threats to our history and heritage. As we have learned over the last 24 hours, that word was leaking before the TNM ever issued its statement. Sadly, despite what may have been originally intended by the creators of this hoax, this ill-conceived plan may very well have placed a weapon in the hands of the enemies of Liberty.

There is only one thing that can be done by the organizers and instigators to help heal this situation – come clean. Everyone involved should step forward and clarify their role in this matter, publicly apologize, and return any money that may have been raised under false pretenses. While it might be against the advice of the lawyers that they should be hiring today, it is still the right thing to do. It certainly is the Texan thing to do.

What will not help are further denials, obfuscations, and slandering of TNM, Texian Partisan, or others who are asking for the truth. The truth is breaking out, and more will brought into the light, either through organizations like the TNM, the media, or investigations by law enforcement.

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  • Hoax or not, the citizens of TEXAS LIBERTY will be there in force

  • We never said not to, just keep your eyes open. Any day is a good day to stand up for Texas.

    • We will defend Texas against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

    • Some of the biggest enemies are texas law makers… so you were saying?

  • Keep your hands off of our history and monuments or Texas will mess with you.

    • God

      Perhaps you didn’t read the article. No one identifying with Antifa ever had any intention of messing with the monument. One of your fellow super patriots made up the story, then also organized the “defense” against a non-existing threat and made off with $4,000. Obviously those on the far right don’t pay attention.

      • RickNHouston

        Guess what, douche bag …. what happened today in Houston, in no way reflects negatively on Texas, Texans or Patriots A little bit of practice and camaraderie never hurt anybody. As for the money, the majority of it went towards things like bottled water, ice and other re-usable goods that don’t come with an expiration date. As for the Hotel Rooms at the Hotel Zsa Zsa, … well I heard the management of the Hotel is a pretty staunch believer in Texas Patriotism and gave them a pretty decent discounted rate! At least that’s what I hear! If your mommie will let you use her internet again, in a day or two, you, and everyone else with an interest, will be able to review a complete accounting of the GoFundMe funds which will be posted on FB. But what the world saw what took place in Houston today, probably more important than anything else, you and the rest of your ilk got a chance to see what REAL TEXAS PATRIOTISM looks like when threatened.

        Even the most ignorant among us knows that preparedness costs money, and like most Americans with half a brain, understands that the price of Freedom is extremely high but I’ll wager you, and any other scumbag POS you care to involve, that, if asked, whether whatever cost they expended to answer the call of duty in support of their Texas brethren and History was in vain … I think you mihjy ne rightly surprised. To Mr. C.J. Grisham, although you and I have never met, I commend you for your love of Texas and and I salute you for your service to and your love of the United States of America and, if and when I should ever have the good fortune, before the my time on this earth expires, I will, without hesitation, be happy and honored to shake your hand. Until then, however, please know that I too, would much rather die on my feet with a gun in my hand fighting for something I believe in than be led to slaughter like a sheep believing in nothing.

        See you in Austin on July 1st.

        Richard D. Wyatt
        Native Texan and Proud American


    I’m having trouble getting upset about someone trolling Antifa. That organization is, at best, grossly mis-guided, and in many cases, outright treasonous. Also, since you print in bold type that “Burkhart has an extensive criminal record” it seems logical to provide a little flesh to that. What kind of crimes? Were they recent? Or just don’t mention it.

    • God

      According to the reports that we have someone with at least the same name and general age was convicted in 1994 for assault resulting in bodily injury. Then in 1997 and 2010 their probation was revoked over convictions for assault involving alcohol and in one case a vehicle. Then in 2013 it was a string of traffic offenses.

      • Daniel Roberts

        We can not take what you say seriously because you are hiding behind a screen just like anitfa hides behind a mask . Criminals with ill intent hide behind screens and masks real men show their faces .

        • God

          I honestly don’t care if you “take me seriously” or not. I present the facts and you are free to bury your head like an ostrich. i was reading some things today from one of the Red groups and they said that your ilk were morons and they were laughing that you didn’t understand their motivations, tactics, etc. And they are right. You on the far right are, generally people, idiots.

          And PS. I have plenty of photos of people on the right demonstrating and wearing masks. David Wright and his motley club of anti-Islamic Nazis called BAIR in Dallas comes to mind.

          You jackasses got sucked into this hoax by one of your own. There are still far right idjits flying in for this and wasting resources. So – PLEASE – don’t listen to me. Waste your time and resources. Trust this Burkhart character. He has already fleeced you guys for $4,000.


          • Daniel Roberts

            The art of fellatio was lost on your mother . She should have swallowed .

          • Daniel Roberts

            Yet it is the Far left ( ANTIFA) that got listed as a terrorist group .HAHAHA

  • Antifa are anti-free-speech. Keep them out of TX!

  • CJ Grisham

    I’m the leader of Open Carry Texas. How are we getting tied to this? We’re providing escorts to and from the event for patriots. Some people see ghosts behind every blade of grass.

    • God

      You also openly support Nazis. You should be ashamed.

      • CJ Grisham

        You’re obviously a complete moron. I’d say you should be ashamed, but that would imply you’re smart enough to even understand.

        • God

          We have photos of you hanging with William Fears in Austin. Also, some of your own followers confronted you on social media about your alliances and you brushed their concerns away. You made it plain that you considered Nazis and white supremacists to be your allies against “Communists”

          • CJ Grisham

            Is the word “we” code for “coward?” You have photos of me at an anti-Red Guard rally, not “hanging with” any Nazis, you moron. I was there as a III%er and nothing more. Go back and finish 6th grade before spewing idiocy.

          • God

            Don’t worry CJ. No one thinks that you are any braver than any other 4’6″ mini-man with Small Man Syndrome. Besides, we will be sending copies to your friends, associates in school, and your Open Carry associates soon enough. As well as targeting your realtor associate and his business partners and clients. You guys can deny and explain all you want. The dancing should be very entertaining.

          • CJ Grisham

            Send as many as you want, coward. I’ve stood up to you dumbasses who cower in fear when I show up. You ball into your little protective cocoon taking 6″ steps while holding hands and hoping you don’t step out of line for fear of getting beat down. No need to share pictures. Here’s a link to my entire video from the event you can use free of charge:

          • God

            Thanks for playing CJ. But we already have a copy of that heavily edited video. You walking behind a Confederate flag is a nice touch – it might play well among your super patriot pals but in the normal world that taints you. Somewhere around the 2:40 point you make the comment that you aren’t there to provoke, yet we have video of you doing just the opposite. Once again, in the next several months we will provide details to your associates and you can explain things to them. Not me.

            I might add that somehow you seem to think that I and the organization that I am with are aligned with the kids that you were marching against. We are not, and in fact I am not even particularly sympathetic. We simply document white supremacists and other haters and knew that their protest would draw out the wingnuts. And there you were – a prominent wingnut.

          • CJ Grisham

            LOL. “Heavily edited.” How exactly does a video that has zero breaks or cuts get “edited.” I’d say you’re dumber than a box of rocks, but that would be an insult rocks (and boxes). At least those serve a purpose. There wasn’t a single Confederate flag at that rally. There was a Northern Virginia battle flag, though. I walked next to you communist nutcases, but that doesn’t make me a communist. I walked next to cops, but that doesn’t make me a thug government enforcer. You’re just a coward who hides behind fake names and thinks that he/she has some sort of power or influence.

          • God

            You are in denial. Like most fools.

            You are also now in a combination of rage and panic. Good.

          • CJ Grisham

            1) I would need to care about your opinion to be enraged or panic.
            2) refer to #1

          • God

            Harvard recently rescinded invitations to attend because the recipients participated in hate speech on social media. How will your school, current associates, and future employers react when presented with evidence that you attended an anti-Islamic hate march on June 10th and were actively protecting white supremacists?

            Oh, you care Grisham. Because we have you by the gonads.

          • CJ Grisham

            1) I would need to care about your opinion to worry.
            2) refer to #1

          • God

            Not at all hard to see why the military didn’t think you were officer material. Not hard to see at all. And yeah, I know. You don’t care about our opinions. That’s why we will soon shift gears and you can listen to the opinions of your peers in college, your neighbors, your relatives, your Open Carry pals, etc. You won’t listen so we will just send them photos of you hanging with Nazis and white supremacists.

          • 1) I would need to care about your opinion to listen.
            2) refer to #1

          • God

            More research tonight and we find that you are social media “friends” with even more Nazis. Your wife is going to be pretty embarrassed.

          • God

            You know CJ, you really could save yourself from a world of hurt and disgrace if you could just distance yourself from people like Fears and Ives and other legitimate Nazis. Don’t protect them and don’t support them. You say you are there at events to “protect people” – then reach out and help those on the left as well. Don’t fight solely for the alt.right (Nazis and supremacists).

            We have no problem with your open carry stance. After all, we are armed too.

            But you are clearly on the road to ruin with your documented support of Nazis. We have worked other haters like KC Massey and David Wright and it has taken years for them to have their lives ruined. In your case we realize that you are in denial and playing brave publicly – all of you haters do that – but I’d give you 6 months at the most before you are forced into obscurity.

            As I said earlier: you are no officer. Move on, stay away from associating with supremacists and Nazis, reconsider going to a hate march on June 10th, and move on.

            Read your post about eating fresh corn. I can relate because I live on a ranch and we grow our own stuff out here. But if you go to prison (which is what happens to many of your type that we pursue) or lose your property financially then you are going to deeply regret your association with Nazis and supremacists.

          • 1) I would need to care about your opinion to worry.
            2) refer to #1

          • God

            What are your wife, Whittenberger, and your other associates going to say when they are subjected to the kind of public ridicule that occurs when their neighbors, friends, and business associates receive copies of their photos, your comments, etc. through the US Mail? You had the opportunity to cease associating with Nazis and didn’t take that opportunity, so now they are paying the price for your poor judgment?

            Somehow I don’t think that you not caring (refer to #1) is going to go over very well.

            And yeah. We have saved copies of this conversation for your friends and family to admire.

          • CJ Grisham

            1) I would need to care about a coward’s opinion who hides behind fake names to worry.
            2) refer to #1

          • God

            And yet you don’t appear to have gone to any protests today even though you had planned to go to Austin. Good. We aren’t going to bug you or your family as long as you stop supporting hate groups. Open carry all that you want. In that sphere you are probably not a bad person.

          • 1) I would need to care about a coward’s opinion who hides behind fake names to worry
            2) The ONLY reason I wasn’t there was because I was already committed to a conference I couldn’t get out of. I even hoped it would end in enough time for me to make at least the event in Austin.
            3) You’re not going to bug me or my family anyway. We take care of our own.
            4) refer to #1

          • God

            Oh CJ, you and your wife will be one of our easier targets. But the Oathkeepers wisely threw William Fears out of their event in Houston. As long as you have the common sense to avoid siding with and protecting nazis then you have nothing to fear.

          • CJ Grisham

            I have nothing to fear from your cowardly ass anyway. You don’t have the balls to go toe to toe with me.

            1) I would need to care about a coward’s opinion who hides behind fake names to worry
            2) The ONLY reason I wasn’t there was because I was already committed to a conference I couldn’t get out of. I even hoped it would end in enough time for me to make at least the event in Austin.
            3) You’re not going to bug me or my family anyway. We take care of our own.
            4) refer to #1

          • Daniel Roberts

            Here is your problem shitbag . 99% of you basement dwellers never worked a hard job for a single day in your lives . That 1% of you that did quit . You shitbags have never served your country . So you do not have the training of the military . more than 70% of three percenters are either A. Former military or avid gun owners . Think about that moron . While you are sucking your boyfreinds dick complaining about how bernie lost your starting fights that your light ass can’t check . So keep up the crap . Make another threat . Because now ANTIFA is open game . The cops are on our side . And just some food for thought ever notice that the states that have open gun carry are the states that voted for TRUMP ? Think that one thru snowflake .

          • John Crawford

            While I’m not a personal acquaintance of CJ’s, I fully support his efforts, and condemn yours.
            Semper fi

          • Clocked.G

            You admitted in this very thread that you were giving escorts and protection to groups who identify as white supremacist and nazi.

            And there is plenty of documented evidence of this which will follow you for the rest of your life.

            But from what we saw there were no distinction between groups at that event..

            You were all in it together.

            So while you claim to not support them. Your actions speak louder than words..


          • Idiot.

  • I believe that “rock” is far too strong a word.

  • Thousands on our last count are coming, from Militia groups, to Texans, etc…….

  • Antifa be like……..

  • Hoax… Maybe I hope..but SAM is a part of not only Texas History but he did his part as an american and I’m all in to fighting to keep history from being erased as many regimes have attempted to do over human history and it has been appalling to watch it recently in other states, but not here not in TEXAS.

  • BadMoonRising

    If..I had any respect for TNM, I don’t now.

    • Steven Thomas O’Brien

      I don’t get it why?

  • GRick

    This is the REAL Texas Antifa page and yes, they are planning something….

  • GRick
  • Kimberly York

  • David Amad

    I noticed that the author of this article did not post their name. Who wrote this article?

    • RickNHouston

      A communist “coward”!

  • Robert Johns

    Ok so you talked to TNM and found out what their evidence was, and then you wrote your own article about it. Oh wait, no you didnt, your both the same owner, Dan. Yet your evidence is from a self proclaimed parody page? You people are effin stupid. Then you cry about being slandered??? Please dont delete your articles, this is just way too comical.

  • ANTIFA would love to convince patriots that their protest is a hoax.

    • Texas Antifa was the hoax, not anyone’s willingness to defend Texas. I don’t mind taking on Antifa in peaceful protest, but I do mind being lied to in a ploy to raise money.

      • RickNHouston

        I have some very disturbing news for anyone who honestly thinks what is going on in our world today will end “peacefully”! You’re living in a fantasy!

    • I’m not giving a dime

    • Why are they posting pics of receipts

    • That’s for the money that has been spent for the supplies, water and leased busies and bus guards, etc. Please read all past post.

  • God

    We have a large file on Brandon “Milkbone” Hewitt. Youngish kid, dog rescuer, poor health, early organizer of Camp Lone Star militia camp near Brownsville. He lives in the San Antonio area and was active with Alamo Militia. Pretty much a consistent super patriot wannabe.

    • RickNHouston

      Being a “:wannabe” is 2/3 of the requirement, as I understand it!

  • It doesn’t matter if Antifa shows our not, it would then become a rally and a sign of solidarity.

    • Sure, have a rally! In fact, that would’ve been better than luring ppl in with a phony protest, which has apparently happened. However, a word of advice: don’t give anyone money.

      • God

        And don’t trust super patriots. Long history of contributions to militia groups going to someone’s bar tab.

      • RickNHouston

        So how do you feel about giving money to the GoFundMe account set up by the family to pay for the defense of the traitorous bitch whos admitted to leaking classified info to the New York Times?

  • Well…

  • Antifa hasn’t fooled anyone we are just keeping our powder dry. Until then Losers.

    • RickNHouston


  • Then why do they post pics of receipts

  • It is NO HOAX!

    • No one got any pictures of antifa and they were not at the event. It was all a hoax. Instead antifa had an event in Austin.

  • We continue to strangle ourselves.

  • Look, it’s not saying not to go. However, integrity is important to a movement. Antifa doesn’t have it, and when ppl on the other side lie about a threat, they don’t either. The truth matters.

    • RickNHouston

      WRONG !!! What you feel in your heart is what “MATTERS”!

  • Hangin time

  • azrael777

    Can anyone show me the “extensive criminal history” of Brandon? If this is true it needs to be out there.