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Watching The Watchdog – A Response To The Dallas Morning News On TEXIT

Sometimes even the watchdog gets scared.  Dave Lieber, the “watchdog” of the Dallas Morning News, wrote an article on March 17th wherein he “shed light on the TEXIT movement.” (#TEXIT). At the conclusion of his article, Mr. Lieber provided the results of his query to the man who initially alerted Lieber to TEXIT.  The man responded, “It’s kind of chilling, isn’t it?” The watchdog agreed.

Now we ask.  What is it that frightened the watchdog?  What did he learn about these people that gravely disturbed him?  Did he encounter a band of brigands bent on destroying property and killing innocent people?  No.  That happened in Minneapolis, New York, Portland, Chicago, and other cities across the United States in 2020 in the George Floyd / Black Lives Matter riots.  Did the watchdog discover politicians who can’t remember which office they hold (legally or illegally) or who bribed and coerced a foreign government to fire its prosecutor to protect a family member?  No.  That is the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

So, what did or, better yet, who did Mr. Lieber find in his investigation into TEXIT?  Perusing the list of candidates running for office, from governor to precinct chairs in our Great State of Texas, the watchdog said he found almost 100 candidates who “represent a cross-section of Texas – young and old, white, Black, Hispanic, male and female.”  

Oh! My goodness!  Did all of you see that?  It is positively bone-chilling and downright mortifying!  Oh! Wait! Isn’t this what the Democrats claim to want?  A diverse and inclusive culture?  Well, dear Texan, the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) has done just that.  

How, then, can this discovery be “worthy of alert?”  What egregious sin did these candidates commit?  They all signed the Texas First Pledge, which commits the candidates to put Texas first and secure our rights and freedoms, including supporting a vote by Texans on TEXIT.

The bottom line is that this is not what the Democrats and RINOs desire.  When they speak of race, gender, ethnicity, etc., they speak in divisive terms.  When is the last time you saw these self-proclaimed defenders of liberty come to the aid and defense of a woman who refused an abortion?  When have you heard them applaud the intellectual prowess and outstanding accomplishments of Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas?  Instead, they deride the moral mother as a cookie-baking, homemaking Stepford Wife, and they mock Sowell and Thomas as Uncle Toms.  All the while, they claim to fight for women and minorities.  PSHAW!!  This is disgusting.  The RINO-DEMs care only about colors and genders when this suits their needs.  The RINO-DEMs desire to segregate people through their own prejudiced ideologies by dividing the masses, robbing them through taxation, creating dependence on a federalist/socialist system, stripping them of liberty, and inciting hatred to prevent unity.  

Lieber posited the question about the United States attacking Texas in the event of an independence vote. He flippantly glossed over Daniel Miller’s full response to this fearmongering in his book, TEXIT: Why and How Texas Will Leave the Union. The watchdog did not address the economic, political, or public relations consequences of a US invasion of Texas. Read the book.

The watchdog then ventured into the legal arena and referenced a “long ago determined” Supreme Court ruling that was said to forbid a state from leaving the Union.  The case to which Lieber referred is, most likely, (Lieber didn’t specify) the 1869 case of Texas v. White.  Fallible men make fallible decisions.  In a constitutional republic, when the Court hands down a decision that contradicts the very documents that established the Republic, the documents must be followed and not the sycophant ruling intended to appease a dictatorial regime.  The Texas Constitution, accepted by the United States Government in 1876, emphatically declares the right of Texas to leave the United States. (See Criminal or Constitutional, by this author.)

Mr. Lieber sought to discredit the attempt to obtain a TEXIT vote based on the outcome of Kyle Biedermann’s House Bill (HB1359).  The watchdog wrote: “His bill attracted publicity, but it went nowhere.”  This does not come close to explaining why the bill never saw the light of day.  It was not that the people did not want the bill.  The problem fell squarely on the shoulders of Chris Paddie, Chairman of the House State Affairs Committee.  Lieber failed to mention that Paddie refused to schedule HB1359 for a committee hearing.  Mr. Lieber, please don’t leave the false impression of a lack of popular support for TEXIT and expect the TNM not to address the matter.  The watchdog also seemed to take great pride in pointing out that some of these candidates lost their bids for office.  However, Mr. Lieber failed to mention that Chris Paddie has decided not to seek reelection, in part because of the backlash he received from TEXIT supporters.  

Regarding passports, the watchdog quoted Lynn Stuckey.  Seriously?  Give me a break.  People get passports all the time to travel to other countries.  This is a nonsensical argument based on emotion.  If emotion is the basis for logical discussion, then my emotional argument is just as valid.  I cannot wait to need a passport to see my grandchildren in Louisiana!

Now, the watchdog and his friend found themselves frightened at the idea of Texas reasserting its status as an independent nation and, more importantly, of the number of state and local candidates from all backgrounds who support it. Who was that again, Mr. Lieber?  To reiterate, the watchdog found “a cross-section of Texas – young and old, white, Black, Hispanic, male and female” running for these offices.  This is most certainly not “chilling.”  Instead, it is most encouraging.  

A free republic is a unifying force.  It brings people together in a way that establishes stability, longevity, and peace.  Texans want a free republic – freedom from the tyranny of a despotic federal government that cares not one iota about us and who fails us consistently.  Texan is an idea, a frame of mind, that yokes us together, forges the steel of our character, spurs us to excel, and brands us with unflinching pride in who we are.  It matters not whether you are White, Black, or Brown, or if you are young or old, or rich or poor, or male or female.  Texans, true Texans, want freedom.  Freedom, Mr. Lieber, freedom is what binds these people together.  Stop looking at their color.  Stop looking at their gender.  Stop looking at their age.  Start looking at who they are, and you will see what Texans look like.  

This unity is not being accomplished by the socialist democrats or the spineless RINOs.  Instead, the Texas Nationalist Movement brings unity among the people.  When the people are divided, they are weak and controllable.  When the people are united, they are unstoppable.

Finally, the watchdog opined about liking 50 stars on the US flag.  Yessir.  50 stars is a nice round number.  Yet, don’t ever forget that Texas is THE LONE STAR STATE.

Join Texans in fighting for independence by crossing the line in the sand now.  Join the TNM now.

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