TNM Creates Petition for Texas to Investigate Red Cross Fraud

The Red Cross is a charity of contradictions. They enjoy a relatively good reputation in general, but for many who actually come in contact with the organization, the American Red Cross has a very different repute.

In my own previous work in disaster relief, covering more than two dozen South Texas towns, I never once heard a good story about the Red Cross, but I certainly heard negative ones. For instance, one first-responder I talked with claimed that Red Cross relief efforts in his town consisted of a photographer with some Red Cross coffee cups who was just there to snap some pictures for fund-raising and leave; he helped no one for the millions that they get from donors. And speaking of donations, according to a story from NPR, an American Red Cross executive couldn’t answer how much of Harvey donations would end up helping Harvey victims! This, while their CEO makes around $500,000 a year, a salary that most Texans would say is excessive for a donation-driven charity, whereas organizations like The Salvation Army spend 100% of funds donated for a disaster on the disaster itself and their CEO makes normal time-in-grade wages.

During the Harvey effort, these stories have started surfacing again, about interference, bad calls on disaster distribution sites, and even throwing out supplies rather than deliver them to those in need. Over the next few weeks Texian Partisan will be investigating specific stories of Red Cross misuse, but because of amount of these stories circulating, even from first-hand sources, the Texas Nationalist Movement is circulating a petition for the Texas Attorney General to open up an investigation of the American Red Cross for fraud, saying in a statement:

Horror stories are pouring in from across Texas of the behavior of the American Red Cross in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. All the while, the Red Cross is collecting massive amounts of money from well-meaning citizens purportedly to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, yet it seems that little of it is being used for that purpose. We believe that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton should open an investigation into the operations of the American Red Cross for fraud.

When you sign the petition, an email will be sent directly to Paxton’s office that reads:

“I respectfully request that you open an investigation into the actions of the American Red Cross during Hurricane Harvey. While they are collecting donations in the name of the victims of Hurricane Harvey it is becoming increasingly apparent that very little of those donations are actually going to the victims. This appears to be fraud.”

If you have a story to tell concerning this matter and/or want to add your name to the petition, click here.

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  • Red Cross is a fraud.

  • They should be…..but you can bet nothing will come from it…

    • I hope the right people do the investigating. Lets hope Texas blows their lid off.

  • So thankful someone is investigating them. So much money was sent to them for Texans to rebuild their homes and for those who rent. I would love to see the people get what was given for them.

  • Always has been

  • Texian for Independence

    Let’s investigate the feds for fraud while we’re at it. In fact, start with the feds; they’re much more dangerous.

  • Lived it, do what you want! They don’t get my bucks!!!!!

  • Yes indeed

  • It’s a great idea, along with our corrupt government now most charitable organizations are corrupt also

  • Who is at the top of Red CrossAnd Income?

  • So sad if it’s true.

  • Please take me off your mailing list. I don’t affiliate with conspiracy theory promoter s. TNM Has LOST ITS FOCUS ON TEXAS INDEPENDENCE. never getting another dime of my money. Going after charities helping people during actual disasters is irresponsible and wrong.

    • 1) If you want to be off TNM mailing list, you’ll need to take yourself off. It’s on the website.

      2) No conspiracy has been alleged, just that improper conduct by Red Cross. And these reports are widespread and from reliable sources. We are arguing these claims should be investigated.

      3) Texas and her well-being is our focus. If Texans are suffering needlessly because any organization, and we can bring light to that, then we are doing our jobs. This is true whether the abuser is Washington or the Red Cross.

    • No conspiracy theory here. Red Cross only spends very little on victims, mostly on their equipment and payroll

    • I was a volunteer for years. Except for their office staff all are volunteers. Much of their supplies are donated. Yet small % goes to victims

    • I’ve heard from many sources that the Red Cross is bad

  • TNM just became a fraud

    • Before you judge TNM too harshly for wanting these Texan’s claims investigated, maybe you should read this:

    • No thank you. I am a red cross shelter nurse currently running the night shift in Refugio. If you want actual facts rather than biased opinion s of grandstanding lying politicians, go to Charity Navigator, Charity Watch or Give for the actual numbers. You can even go to snopes to see how thoroughly wrong this smear campaign is.

    • We just want the truth to come out. As far as numbers, there are none. These people are still picking up their lives, and all they have is the ability to voice their experiences. I will not dismiss their claims out of hand. Only an investigation would give you the numbers you want and also clear Red Cross, if they deserve it. So why oppose it?

    • Because right now people are in harm’s way. These misleading and outright false posts may lead someone to not seek shelter and ultimately be injured or killed. These anecdotes universally represent misunderstanding the role of red cross or unrealistic expectations. RC is not the one stop shop for disasters. We don’t do rescue. We don’t build houses. We don’t distribute donated clothes and we cannot legally accept prepared foods into shelters. These reports are not evidence of fraud but people wanting rc to be something it is not.

    • What is anecdotal to you, is another person’s life. Even relatively good organizations have impropriety. I want to know if the things being alleged are true or false, and you’d think RC, having nothing to hide, would welcome an investigation. And although these stories may not support your anecdotal experience with RC, that doesn’t mean they’re false.

    • So please be specific. Which anecdotes indicate fraud to you?

    • Collecting funds in the name of Harvey, but spending very little on Harvey would likely fall into that category. If you read the article, we referenced the NPR story where an RC exec couldn’t even answer what percentage of those funds would go to Harvey; that’s a reason to be concerned.

      But that’s the tip of iceberg. There also allegations of confiscating donations from churches, selling donations, destroying them, and others besides.

      These stories don’t exist about HEB or The Salvation Army. While I’m sure there are untrue stories or exaggerations among them, are they all unfounded? I doubt that, but I don’t know.

      There is a reason why RC is the focus of these stories, and there should be an investigation.

    • Harvey is ongoing. No one could answer that question.

    • Donna maybe yer just an idiot sheep! Give em your money dummy

    • Please post sources of confiscating donations or selling them. Sometimes clothing donations a become so burdensome they are disposed of. Paying to transport and store materials that cannot be distributed or used would be cost prohibitive. Salvation army had it’s thrift stores to distribute clothing. Rc does not

    • But a dog lady

    • Fraud is soliciting donations to promote Texas independence and spending it on witch hunts after charities in the middle of a disaster. Let’s investigate TNM.

    • Ma’am, Texas Nationhood is our main goal, but we have others, such as defense of the Alamo. Do you think that’s also fraud? And as for money, I’m getting none of it. If I should be, please address that in your next check accordingly.

    • I don’t recall harassing charities providing disaster relief in the middle of a disaster in the mission and goals.

    • How are we harassing charities? Do you expect us to suppress these stories?

    • Pursuing goals other than your stated mission is that bait and switch or just bureaucratic inefficiencies?

    • I expect journalistic integrity not another addition to fake news. But, like the rest of the faux media, much easier to jump on the fake outrage bandwagon than actually do some research.

    • For the record, REAL TEXANS are part of the solution in a crisis, not stumbling blocks.

    • With all due respect, you didn’t answer the questions, merely threw out new accusations. Fine, if we can assume you there was nothing to it.

    • ” Collecting funds in the name of Harvey, but spending very little on Harvey” how do you come up with this accusation? post your source…. Harvey is an ongoing event. Baseless accusation at this point.

    • “what percentage of those funds would go to Harvey;” again, ongoing event, no way to predict what will be needed or spent.

    • ” There also allegations of confiscating donations from churches,” baseless accusation, you have not posted your source.

    • “selling donations, ” again no source

    • “others besides” again no sources, just innuendo and rumor and hearsay

    • Donna Freedom McClure NPR.

  • So do Volunteer’s get paid when they go to a disaster and leave their homes to help others? Do the volunteers have to pay for their own transportation and Hotel bills? Do the Volunteers get food allowance’s to get good food while People in shelters get minimal sandwiches? Just wondering how it works!

    • Volunteers do not get paid but their travel and living expenses are covered. We eat the same food and sleep in the same cots add the evacuees.

  • There have been enough stories coming out of the hurricane zone regarding the Red Cross that we believe warrants an investigation. The TNM has been responsive to requests for assistance by supporters and others in the area by calling on the AG to initiate the investigation. If there has been no wrongdoing then the Red Cross will be able to show that to the AG. Otherwise, the call for an investigation will be validated. Either way, enough people, from citizens all the way to public officials, are asking enough questions that it is prudent to issue the call.

    • You are a joke.

    • Kathy Avants Wow! You called them a name! That completely absolves Red Cross of any impropriety! Well done!

  • “enough people, from citizens all the way to public officials, are asking enough questions ” if you have time enough on your hands to engage in a witchhunt during a disaster, you have time enough to get out here and volunteer – and get all your questions answered.

    • You seem defensive

    • That would be because I care about the people I’m watching over tonight… far more than scoring political points. When everyone is safe from these storms, y’all can have at it. I’m not worried, but it is irresponsible to do this as the disaster continues to unfold.

    • Sure you are some way attached to the Rec Cross, you are so certain they can do no wrong.

    • No, I’m certain they are not perfect but now is the wrong time for a witch hunt

      • Roger Young

        Wrong! It’s the PERFECT time! There are ALWAYS disasters going on. There is therefore NON-STOP fraud being committed by the Red Cross. If you won’t investigate now, then when??

    • Calling for an investigation rarely gets a prompt response. I’m sure Harvey and RC will be long gone when this gets going, so you have nothing to worry about.

    • Ask Cross Plains Texas what the Red Cross did when a fire swept thru that town , when they left after one day , they demanded that they get to take items donated to the city , not the Red Cross . I was a route driver for mrs Baird’s bakeries , we donated a trailer of bread and sweet goods . I delivered it with my truck and trailer to the church my niece worked . The Red Cross ‘leader’ came and and attempted to confiscate the food as they were leaving town, even claimed he could have us arrested for not letting him have trailer of bread .

    • Well, Donna? Is Jay lying, or is this just anecdotal? You know, when you get enough anecdotes, they call that a trend.

    • Can’t say he’s lying but the story makes no sense. Why would they want a trailer of bread if they were leaving town?

    • That’s what an investigation would determine, and I’ve heard this story three or four times from unconnected areas of Texas: RC threatening charities and/or clergy and taking their supplies via an Obama executive order authority.

  • TNM wants the state to spend money investigating charities in the middle of a disaster that could be better spent helping victims of the disaster. Jumped. The. Shark.

    • Considering the red cross hasn’t been doing any type of charity with these disasters, I’m all for it. They are a terrible organization.

    • Sorry Garrett Luttman but you are uninformed. I’m sitting in a red cross shelter right this minute, trying to help people get their lives back. I’m glad you were not affected by Harvey, but lots of people were.

  • Here are comments from real Texans about their experiences with the Red Cross. Donna would have you believe that all making negative claims against RC are liars and there’s nothing to any of this. What we say is that we should withhold judgement until all the facts come out, but be aware that these stories are out there. You decide for yourself which appeal sounds more reasonable.

  • They need to be investigated

    • William Bush

      no ppl just stop sending money to them and donating they will fade away and if gov. funds them then bring them up for investagation/audit

  • Red Cross treated people in Louisiana like shit !

  • Good

  • Red cross is fraud very little go to the victim.

    • Only 14 cents out of every dollar goes for charity.

  • It’s always been this way!!!!!

    • William Bush

      because everyone passes the buck to someone eles instead of voiceing the truth why should the Red Cross worry and/or change anything if no one is complaining about any thing

  • I worked with flood recovery after Hurricane Floyd. I would NEVER give to the Red Cross after my horrible first hand experience with them in NC. I can say for sure that the food the Red Cross food trucks delivered was prepared by The Baptist Men Disaster Response group. Red Cross took the credit for preparing the meals. Just not nice people to work with in general.

  • About time!

  • red cross isn’t what you think it is …..

  • During Hussein’s Administration and his DACA program, Red Cross was in every Bus Station giving out clothes, pre-paid Visa cards, and free bus vouchers to anywhere in the US. Guess we know illegal immigrants are far more important that the US Citizens that donate to there scam

    • What is the source of that claim? I’ve never heard that before

    • I worked with a Task Force in San Antonio and saw it first hand. These folks were being dropped off by immigration after their release from detention centers.

    • I fully agree with Andres G Andres F Gonzales III. I live in SA, I am a retired nurse and I used to volunteer during previous hurricanes, have witness enough fraud and mishandling of donations from that scam called Red Cross.

  • Where do I sign?

  • I really don’t like the red cross, they take more money in than they give out, pocket the rest for themselves.

  • Dawn Compton, check this out!

  • An investigation isn’t needed – just stop donating if you don’t like them and they will go away!

  • Dave Wajda

  • Not a good charity to give to. Only pennies on the dollar make it to the people who need it.

    • William Bush

      how eles do you think they can buy all those big fancy buses with costume paint jobs and all that fancy gear

  • Red Cross is volunteers and an organization. The amount of shit heaped on Red Cross during Harvey is unbelievable. It cannot all be true. But, if people really want to destroy the Red Cross in America, they are doing a damn good job . If it’s deserved, fine. If it’s not, tremendous shame.

    • That’s what I want to know. Rumors get started and spread and take on a life of their own, but with RC, the stories tend to be similar, though from unconnected sources. Also, they definitely have record. Their efforts in Haiti are pretty bad. Only a proper investigation will settle this.

    • Charity Navigator has them at 3 stars. I’m not sure what to make of the conflicting stories

    • Love the lack of real research Jerry Caliendo. Good at jumping on the ban wagon I see. To many people can’t even do real research these days.

  • Connie Alsedek

  • They picked the wrong state and wrong people to mess with!

  • No one needs a petition just do it.

  • Thnx for posting! Hadn’t sent donation yet.☺️

  • They been doing it for years, very little of donations go for helping people in need, they help themselves instead

  • Yes, please!

  • That’s why I won’t give to the red cross

  • Fourteen cents out of every dollar goes for charity. The rest pays for their high salaried executives.

  • I WOULD NEVER GIVE TO RED CROSS! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • About time someone investigated them

  • They shouldn’t have too much trouble finding any !!!

  • How can J.J. Watt, a football player, successfully initiate and manage a charitable organization in a time of crisis with no previous training or experience and have fewer issues than the Red Cross, which has been around since 1881 and has trained, experienced managers and institutional history?

    • Because the Red Cross is a scam, sold donated coffee and donuts to troops

  • NGO’s are greedy criminals. And Red Cross is one of the worst. I worked for them during Katrina. And worked for Good Will a few years after. They use NGO status to rip people off.

  • I was passed by a 40,000 dollar red cross company car yesterday. What charitable company sends anybody out around town in a 40k vehicle?

    • Is that the best u can make up? Lol

    • All Red Cross fleet vehicles are donated to the local region or chapter outright.

  • The Red Cross is another worthless government agency. Give to local charities only!

  • ‘Bout time!

  • Good! Give too Samaritans Purse!

  • Just go with the JJ what dude

  • Sorry but I disagree. You all are making uninformed knee jerk statements believing exaggerated facts!

    • What we believe is that it should be investigated. The amount of the reports justify looking into it.

    • The Texian Partisan , to justify your job? Lol

    • Tim Winkler That’s your retort? Yikes! Speaking of jobs, don’t quit your day one, pal!

    • The Texian Partisan, Keep the Pressure on, a Few Years back, I donated to the Red Cross Relief effort for a Tornado that Devastated Moore Oklahoma, a Month after I gave, I was informed, my Donation, Which I intended to go Directly to the Victims of this Disaster, was not Specifically used for that, It may have used for Overhead Expenses or Banked for future use..