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The Media’s Civil War Fear-Mongering Is An Attempt To Scuttle The Real Solution To Federal Dysfunction

With so much dissension going on in the United States right now, it is no surprise that states are considering separation and independence. This has the federal government and mainstream media running scared. Once again, they turn to scare tactics geared to portray separatists as violent extremists who want another civil war.

But since when is wanting to keep inherent rights and freedoms considered radical and extreme? The federal government has no intention of honoring the Constitution or allowing people to be free. They have overstepped their bounds and have no desire to play fair. They do what they can to discredit any organization that advocates for freedom and hopes the general public will see them as terrorists to be feared. 

Although many say the problem is with the Republicans, Newsweek reported that 66% of Southern Republicans, 50% of Southern Independents, and 47% of West Coast Democrats support states making a split from the Union. People from all walks of life and all political and religious affiliations cherish the freedoms that are supposed to be protected by the U.S. Constitution. They realize the federal government does not want the people to be free and continue stripping the people of their rights. So, according to the media, it is not just the “radical right” that should be considered extreme. 

The media is perhaps the worst at fear-mongering. In a recent INSIDER article, groups advocating for separation and independence are called “extremists” and “far right-wing”, and the entire article has a tone of fear at the mere mention of secession. Among those listed in the article was The Texas Nationalist Movement – the largest non-partisan PAC in Texas – that is the face of the TEXIT movement. Although there are groups out there encouraging violence and advocating for war, the Texas Nationalist Movement is NOT one of them. 

The Guardian says, “The right has a plan: it involves violence and solidarity,” and “their politics is, increasingly, the politics of the gun.” While they do admit the federal government is broken and needs to be rebuilt, they do not offer any solutions that would ease the conflict. They promote fear that “Right now, militias train and arm themselves in preparation for the fall of the Republic.” They see a new civil war as the only way people can resolve the issue of separation. 

The TNM believes there is a peaceful way for states to gain their independence. Although there is no formal pathway for states to separate from the union, that does not mean it is impossible or illegal. The U.S. Constitution does not prohibit or criminalize the act of any state separating from the union. The TNM believes that a peaceful, legal separation is not only possible but preferable. The TNM has never and will never associate itself with groups or individuals that propose war as a way to gain independence. 

The TNM also does not tolerate this kind of thinking among its members, supporters,  volunteers, or leaders. The TNM member handbook and social media forums clearly state that members should always conduct themselves in a professional manner, with respect and dignity for everyone. In fact, many resources have been made available on the TNM website for members to educate themselves on non-violent activism. 

The TNM is an organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the rights and freedoms of ALL Texans. They understand war would not be the best way to protect people, nor would it be in the best interests of Texas or the United States. With a legal and democratic process, Texas and the US can remain on good terms with each other and have a mutually beneficial relationship. The main change would be that Texans would be running Texas, the desires and rights of Texans would be honored, and the Texas culture would be protected.

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To get connected with the TNM and get involved in advocating for Texas’ peaceful separation from the Union, click here

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Christina is a 6th generation Texan with a rich history going back to before the Republic of Texas was formed. She is the mother of three wonderful children, also born and raised in Texas. She is an RN and has been in the nursing field for over 23 years. Along with her Associate's Degree in Nursing, she also has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology-Christian Counseling, with some Master's work in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She began writing poetry and short stories as a child, and was a staff writer for the Judson High School Newspaper. She is passionate about education, hard work, caring for people with the gifts that God has given her, and treating every human being with respect and love.


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