#TexasIndependenceDay Trends on Twitter

For those of you that follow Twitter, you may have noticed a certain hashtag trending yesterday, all day: #TexasIndependenceDay!

Yesterday, March 2nd, was Texas Independence Day, the time when we celebrate the founding of Texas as an independent and sovereign nation. And it seems that in the minds of many Texans, the idea of independence is still very much alive! Even politicians like Governor Abbott and Senator Cruz used this hashtag in making their own tributes to the old republic.

For Texian Partisan, it is wonderful to witness such an outpouring of enthusiasm for our roots and future, to know that so many have not forgotten the Liberty we once enjoyed. It is our sincere hope that trends such as this will continue, to help continue fostering the idea of independence in our culture so that one day Texas can, in the prophetic words of Sam Houston, “again lift its head and stand among the nations.”