Texas Legislature Considering an Official Gun, Revolver, and Knife

The Texas Legislature just completed the portion of it’s 2017 session where bills are introduced. Now they’ve started the process of seeing which of the introduced bills will become law, and which won’t. Among the bills that most could agree are pretty weighty, there a few that don’t quite rise to the same level, such as designating an official state… whatever. On the one hand, with so many important things for the legislature to do, giving time and consideration to designating “official state of Texas” items and activities seems little wasteful. Is it really important that we have an official state pastry, between strudel or sopapilla for example? On the other hand however, if they’re going to do it, kudos to them for doing it big this time.

Texas has long been known for its gun culture, its support of gun rights, and its “Wild West” spirit. In consideration of that culture, there are motions now in the legislature to designate a state gun, a state handgun, and a state knife.

In consideration of Texas’ gun heritage, what gun most fits Texas? The resolution under consideration would make the cannon the official state gun of Texas. Readers are encouraged to follow the link and read the resolution itself, which provides a concise account of some of the noted cannons in Texas history. Among the most famous is the “Come and Take It” cannon that inspired the battle of Gonzales, the same one featured on a flag that patriotic Texans fly to this very day. Given Texas’ reputation for big, a cannon seems a suitable state gun.

Also worthy of consideration is the Walker Colt, the first six shooter, one of the guns that won the west. Not to be left out, there is a resolution that the Walker be named the official handgun of Texas. The Walker was innovative for its rapid firing, but also for its power. It was considered the most powerful black-powder handgun of its time, and played a significant role in the Mexican-American War.

It’s said you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight, even in Texas. However, there’s yet another resolution under consideration to make the Bowie Knife the official knife of Texas. From the famed Sandbar Fight, to the Alamo, through the Western expansion and the Civil War, the Bowie knife has been ever present. Ironic, however, is the fact that the Bowie is still on the list of “illegal” knives for Texans to carry, although there is legislation under consideration to remove the “illegal” knife designation.

While I’m certainly in favor of the legislature solving real problems, if they’re going to be sentimental, at least this time they went big, TEXAS big! I’ve got a Bowie, and a revolver. I guess now I’ve got to get that cannon, and you know that’ll be pricey! But it’ll look nice under my “Come and Take It” flag.