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The Story of Two Polls

Photo element from George Hodan

Are the priorities of Americans in general and Texans particularly at odds with one another? And if so, are decisions in Washington really in the best interest of Texans? Two recent poll results support the answers “yes” and “no,” respectively. Let’s take a look.

In October, the Texas Politics Project, a University of Texas initiative aimed at fostering citizen engagement in the Texas political process, along with the “Texas Tribune,” released their poll results on the issues of greatest importance to Texans. Our top four issues were Supreme Court nominees (25%), the economy (17%), immigration (10%) and terrorism and national security (each at 9%). What about our sister states?

In the same month, Gallup released the results of their poll, asking the same question of Americans nationwide. The results? The top four issues were the economy (17%), government dissatisfaction (12%), race relations and racism (10%) and, tied for fourth place, immigration/illegal aliens, election reform and national security (7% each). Although Texans and the rest of the nation share concerns about the economy, immigration and national security, Texans top concern by a wide margin—the Supreme Court—is not even on Americans radar screen.

With Washington responding to national interests, imposing one-size fits all solutions on Texas, Congress is ignoring our greatest concerns. We at the Texas Nationalist Movement believe that Texas politicians ought to be listening to Texans and dealing with the issues that matter to Texas. They would have little choice if Texas was once again an independent nation, and that’s all the more reason for us to support Texas independence now.

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Andrew Piziali is a retired design verification engineer with a passion for Jesus Christ and liberty. He is a former member of the Collin County chapter of the Texas Nationalist Movement, now writing as an expat from Prescott, Arizona.


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