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Patriots Hear about Independence

The Allen Area Patriots welcomed Don Teer, Field Director for the Texas Nationalist Movement, to their regular monthly meeting to hear about why Texas should be a nation again.

Devon Hudson, TNM team leader for the Allen, TX area, arranged for Don’s January 26 presentation to the Tea Party group, which already has a few TNM members in it’s ranks.

Don’s message of liberty and self determination for Texans was well received by the 35 people present and many thoughtful questions were asked, the first of which was, of course, about Social Security.

Don pointed out that even with a new president in office it is highly unlikely that the government will shrink: it may not grow as much or as fast, but it will not get smaller and Texas will still be hampered by the overreach in Washington D.C.

Among those present were two precinct chairmen, a local city councilwoman and Texas State Representative Matt Shaheen.

Following Don’s address was Aaron Harris of Direct Action Texas. He showed how voter fraud is alive and well in many Texas cities and counties and spoke about what can be done to combat it, legislatively.

If you would like to have Don or anyone from the TNM national team speak to your  group or organization, please go to the Speakers Bureau section on the Texas Nationalist Movement website to make arrangements.

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The youngest of four daughters, I am named after my maternal Swedish grandmother and am a second-generation American. Born in Minnesota, my family moved to California when I was 3, where I lived for the next 39 years of my life. By God's grace, I married a native Texan, and we moved to Texas 25 years ago. I graduated from California State University, Chico in 1974 with a degree in History and a minor in French. The next year I earned my lifetime secondary teaching license and taught mostly high school for a total of 7 years after which I homeschooled our kids for 14 years. I speak three foreign languages (French, Spanish, and German) and have taught them as well as teaching English and history.


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