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Miller on Monday: The Consistency Conundrum

My main mentor in my young adult life used to quote scripture often. One of his favorites was James 1:8 that says, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” I have found that this truth extends into every facet of life. None more so than our work for Texas independence.

Double-mindedness is a plague. It breeds inconsistency. Inconsistency breeds confusion. Confusion breeds instability. Instability breeds inaction. Inaction is nothing more than silent acquiescence to the death of our freedom and independence.

It is true that people change their minds about things. But when you can look over the last decade and can’t even determine which ballpark their mind has been in, then you see double-mindedness at work.

They say the Texas Pledge followed by the US Pledge. They proclaim their support for an independent Texas and fly proudly the flag of the United States. They screamed at Obama for his flood of Executive Orders and sit silent at Trump’s tsunami of Executive Orders. They complained about the costs of Obama’s endless vacations and make excuses for Trump’s weekend jaunts on the taxpayer dime.

But I like consistency and stability. I prefer to have a rational set of principles from which I can make concrete conclusions and firm decisions. From these principles spring action. And while that action may not always be popular, they can always have a reason that can be explained.

No matter the circumstances, I believe in Texas. I will not forsake it based on the passions of the day or the latest flash in the pan or the latest policy fad or the latest outrage. Nor will I sit idle while politicians pour honey in our ears about how they are going to fix the United States.

Either what we say about Texas being better off as an independent nation is truth all the time, or it’s a lie from the start. And those who profess their belief in Texas independence and then return to their Federal masters were either lying when their profession was made or they are lying to themselves and others now.

To turn to the Federal system and invest any faith and belief in its inherent goodness or its ability to be restored to its original purpose and structure, is to turn your back on a free and independent Texas. To turn to a free and independent Texas is to embrace the ideals on which Texas was founded and to turn your back on a Federal system that seeks to turn you into a vassal and turn Texas into a administrative province.

Thankfully, the supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement are not the double-minded and unstable type. We’ve had our share of them in the past, and I’m sure that we have some now. But they don’t stay.

But what I believe what should encourage Texas Nationalists is the problem that double-mindedness exposes for the other side. Their inconsistency shows the true weakness of the Federal system. When people lose faith in its ability to be reformed, fixed, or restrained, their support will continue to erode. When less than 10% of the people within the United States believe that the Federal Government can be fixed, every news bulletin, every piece of Federal legislation, every grand pronouncement from Pennsylvania Avenue, rallies more Texans around our banner. While they may still have one foot in the Federal camp, they also have one foot in Texas independence and are ready to plant both feet here when it counts.

Which reminds me of another verse from Scripture that my mentor would also quote.

2 Chronicles 15:7: “But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.”

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Staff reports from the team at the Texian Partisan.


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