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Merry Christmas from the TNM

Two sets of glad tidings to you, and all of your Texan kin.

There’s not (yet) a song called “All I want for Christmas is Texit, but we found these Texas Christmas songs for you to enjoy.

Now that you’re in the mood, we’ll leave you with this Texas version of the Christmas classic, “The Night Before Christmas,” albeit a few hours late.

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
Throughout the Lone Star land;
Texans were dreamin’,
Of independence so grand.

Boots were scattered,
On floors, near beds;
This was Texas, after all,
No time for stockinged threads.

The children were tucked in,
Wearing flannels of De Zavala blue;
‘Cause here’s the real kicker,
A cold snap had blown through!

Mom applied her sleep mask,
Daddy chased furry paws,
(That naughty dog had taken off
With the Whataburger for Santa Claus).

Then all of a sudden …
Louder than Grandpa’s Sunday tie,
I heard a commotion!
Lickety-split, I did spy.

You could’ve hung your hat on it,
So wild was that sight—
A white-bearded cowboy
Pullin’ up in the night!

“Greetings, amigo!” he yelled,
“We’ve howdied but haven’t shook;
It’s great to be in God’s country,
Now lemme take a look!”

I hollered, “You must be Santa!”
(This wasn’t my first rodeo),
“You expectin’ other company?”
Santa joked, “Ho ho ho!”

He jostled right past me—
No slack in his rope;
Santa found our tree quickly,
Then unloaded some hope.

He spoke not a word,
No grass grew under foot;
He dropped off the presents,
And turned on his boot.

Then fast as small-town gossip,
(Santa had more gifts to unload)
He jumped in his rig,
That jolly cowboy hit the road!

But I heard him exclaim, as he made a festive exit,

Written By

A devoted supporter of Texas independence, Beverly is a native Houstonian who holds a Ph.D. and a B.S. degree from Texas A&M University and a Master’s degree from the University of Houston. She is passionate about TEXIT, choosing to be an advocate in the movement, rather than a cheerleader on the sideline. In addition to reading and writing about Texas, Beverly enjoys napping and soaking in college sports of all kinds.


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