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HEB vs Harvey: Texans Helping Texans

Hurricane Harvey bore down on the Texas coast with category 4 force this weekend, causing coastal Texans to hunker-down or even flee their homes ahead of the rising waters. And though it’s not completely over, already, Texas is responding to needs of their countrymen.

Social media is rife with examples of first-responders and individual Texans rushing forward at great risk to help their fellow Texans get to safety, but this is also true of Texas business and charity, such as HEB, who have mobilized to coast. In fact, the chatter on line is that HEB trucks are visibly near the disaster scene, but FEMA is no-where to be seen.

I spoke with Cindy Garza Roberts, Director of Public Affairs HEB Houston, and while she couldn’t confirm that last detail, she did take time relate to us some details about their disaster relief effortS.

As of yesterday afternoon, HEB has disaster relief units in Victoria, which includes mobile kitchens that deliver water, hot meals, and pharmacy supplies. Each mobile kitchen is capable of providing 2200 meals a day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, HEB is assisting area shelters with various products and food supplies.

HEB has 2 mobile kitchens, one of which they want to get into Houston as soon as the high-water, that is hindering mobility there, subsides. When the all-clear is given, they plan to open their mobile distribution site at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

Roberts also wanted to make sure that our readers knew about HEB’s state-wide relief effort, the Tearpad Program. HEB has pledged $100,000 for the Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and Feeding Texas, charities that HEB works closely with. You can donate to this effort in stores at the register by tearing off from the Tearpad display and adding that to your purchase. This will add $1, $3, or $5 to your final bill, 100% of which will go to the previously mentioned agencies.

Ms. Roberts commented, “HEB, our company, has received numerous requests from our customers about how they can help victims and communities affected by Hurricane Harvey. This campaign effort and our $100,000 contribution offers an efficient way for customers to make a difference in the lives of thousands of families in need.”

It gives you pride to know that the heart of Texas is quick to action in service of her people and that we don’t wait for others to come save us. And while FEMA will no doubt show up if not already there, to render the assistance that we’ve already paid for with our tax dollars, it is good to know that Texas is far from helpless when the Federal government is absent.

Please, donate to this effort, either through the HEB Tearpad Program, directly to the Texas Salvation Army, or any of the other organizations already at the scene, making a difference.


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