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The Government’s Shutdown, and I Feel Fine!

This past weekend, Republicans were unable to get a short term spending bill through the U.S. Senate, and the government “shutdown.” This is largely because Democrats wanted amnesty for illegal immigrants who qualified under Obama’s illegal DACA executive action, and didn’t want to trade it for funding a border wall. Shutting down the government and holding normal operations hostage seemed like the best option for achieving both of these goals. As of writing this, D.C. remains shutdown.

The term “shutdown” is a bit of a misnomer, as most functions of the government go on as they always do. Prioritization of spending in such situations does leave some federal employees out in the cold, however. For instance, at least some Texas National Guard members who expected to do drill this past weekend had those plans revoked. However, to the average Texan, things are… pretty good! We run our lives as usual, we go to work, we enjoy our families, and I have it on good authority that sun even rose this morning!

No doubt, Congress will find a way to get back in business. In fact, the word currently is that both parties are working on a deal to re-open (contain your excitement). However, as Gideon J. Tucker once observed,

“No man’s lifeliberty or property are safe while the legislature is in session.”

Whatever deal Congress comes up with getting back to normal operations, it’s almost guaranteed to be disappointing and a betrayal of principle. So, enjoy this time when Washington is more limited in running your life or spending your children’s money. The only tragedy here is that D.C. doesn’t shutdown more often! Maybe then we’d all learn how little Texas needs them.

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