Is FEMA Preventing Water From Going Out to Harvey Victims?

In response to the devastation of Texas communities near the gulf coast, many in Texas have mobilized to rescue and get supplies to those affected, still in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Companies, charities, even individual Texans have loaded up and headed out to offer assistance.

Although there are many examples of aid getting to the needy and in an appropriate time, there are also some strange reports of interference in distribution by the federal government. On social media, reports are surfacing about federal officials denying individual efforts to get water to those that need it. A source in Orange Texas reported last night, “We were going to get a boat load of water [out to hurricane victims] brought to us by the Cajun Navy, but our stupid government officials wouldn’t let them!”

We are reaching out to those affected and will bring you more information as this story develops.

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  • Roger Young

    Katrina Redux- Why am I not surprised.

  • Texian for Independence


  • StillLearning-HNPV

    They work for us. Something can and must be done.

  • They can’t stop you. Go to court if you get caught. A conservative court would dismiss it. Even a liberal court would blast them.

  • Living in southeast Texas, I’d like to hear both sides of this story before making any judgments.

  • They turned some people around with supplies in Vidor and would let them deliver

  • I doubt this.

  • FEMA is obstructionism at it’s worst.

  • Better watch them carefully

  • Get a hold of the AG in TEXAS

  • Because, your supposed to depend on government, and not anyone else.
    How else are bureaucrats supposed to justify their existence?

  • Fema likes to be in charge that’s why they were in such hot water over the Bastrop fires.

  • Wish we did not have to depend on government. All those rescuers (hard working volunteers) were there days before #FEMA did an awesome job without them .

  • Lol. No. They are not. Plenty available.

    • I don’t think the issue is that there is no water available, but that delivery to remote places was interfered with by FEMA for unknown reasons. There are many such stories of government interference, with Harvey and others.

    • All I know is when I helped deliver the stuff we did today they were helpful and appreciative. It was actually relatively well organized. But anyone that needed anything was getting it. And the place we were was pretty devastated. I took that picture myself.

    • This is what happens when it’s the people that help. And they don’t wait for the government. But I digress.

    • They were using a DQ that was closed from the storm next door as the distribution center. And in the parking lot they were making hot food. I saw it with my own eyes not 5 hours ago.

    • Brian Butler The claim is not that this is SOP for FEMA at all locations, but that it has happened at certain locations. Specifically, from this article, Orange Texas. Disbelieve them, if you like, but similar stories are surfacing at other locations.

    • I think the outrage mentality of the nation needs to take a chill pill. The stuff I have seen shows government isn’t the end all be all. We can do this as people. Just. People. Look at the boats you are seeing. They aren’t from the government. They are just humans wanting to help humans. And that’s what is happening. The rest is just fill for fake news organizations. Sorry. If you aren’t here, I will find it hard to see your perspective.

    • Brian Butler my perspective is to have an open mind. I wasn’t in Orange Thursday night, trying to get a boatload of water to the needy, and I’m guessing neither were you. And the federal government, while doing some good is also known for reprehensible actions and overstepping its authority, especially when allowed to work in darkness. If these stories are true, they deserve an explanation. Public pressure is the only thing that will get that.

    • Neat. Cool that this is your focus. I will be in Port Aransas tomorrow morning. So. Yeah. Have a good night.

    • Thanks to you and all rendering aid.

    • They are still doing evacuations in a lot of areas and they’re not allowing any assistance to those areas other than assistance out by military or law enforcement. Its like the mayor of Houston having power shut off to force people to leave.

    • The military and law enforcement stayed out of it and let patriots and other volunteers do the dirty work til it was almost done then they told em they weren’t needed anymore that it was under control finally. They won’t let the media put it out there cuz they’ll use the estimated cost to do the rescues as their own expense to raise the budget even higher and increase taxes to cover it.

    • Lol. Democrat rule. Don’t worry. The redneck conservatives got this.

  • No ! Plenty of water out there . Church parking lots with many cases.

    • No one is saying that water is unavailable, what’s being alleged is that FEMA is interfering at specific locations for unknown reasons. It is not unprecedented. These stories have popped up in other remote Texas locations and disasters and existed even after Katrina. It’s even possible (unlikely) they had a good reason, but that’s not yet known.


    • Of course it is! Because, as we all know, the federal government beams with the warmth of human goodness and would never, NEVER, do anything that was in anyway a needless exercise of power or give unlawful or nonsensical orders. We are very fortunate! And by the confidence of your statement, I take it that you were in Orange Thursday night, trying to get a boatload of water to the needy. And as such, you know that this allegation is false… right?

  • Fake News.

  • I’ve actually heard this from first hand accounts. Just had a friend that has been aiding in relief and search and rescue efforts that Red Cross tried to commandeer the water and supplies they were distributing.

  • I have friends and family in Houston and surrounding areas and I have not heard any thing like this.

  • Texas doesn’t need FEMA. Everything was going smoothly until they arrived!

    • After Katrina I ran a so called FEMA inspector off my property.

  • FEMA needs to be done away with. In the coming months people who have ZERO training in Structural Engineering will be inspecting home to determine whether or not they are livable. These people will be receiving anywhere between 25 and $35 an hour plus perdiem. Total wast of tax payers money.

  • Its due to the ongoing evacuations. Those are the areas they’re not wanting supplies going to because it gives the people refusing to go a way to stay longer. This is happening but not everywhere. Look for yourself. Look at the areas they’re stopping it at. Its the same areas as the mandatory evacuations. Cut off their supplies and they have to leave. Thats what they’re hoping for.

  • Ive been involved in both the rescue efforts and the supplies coming in since this all began. There are numerous groups all working together that are still out there helping people. Even when told to leave they stay and keep helping cuz its the right thing to do.

  • Lies. If you have nothing better to do than criticize during this disaster please crawl back under your rock. I live in Texas and this story is bullshit. Get a life.

    • Did you read the article or just the title? Asking for friend.

    • Read most of article. Live in Texas have family and friends that will tell of fast and outstanding response. It’s a hard time for people of Texas. Fema has been great along with the first responders, civilians and country. No the only problem is getting water and supplies to affected areas.

    • David Kimball Those stories of the people being helped exist, as was said in the article, however, there are other stories. And if they are true, don’t they deserve airing? Why would you have us suppress them? The article doesn’t claim it knows for fact that FEMA is acting recklessly, but that there is chatter about it and we will investigate it. We are doing this now.

      So please, find our what’s being alleged before throwing out your own allegations, like “lies.” We did nothing of the sort. Whatever the personal experience of you or me, neither of us was in Orange on Thursday night, nor the other locations where these allegations are surfacing.

      Thanks for reading.

    • I would recommend you read one or more of our profiles on Texans helping Texans in the wake of Harvey. The Partisan does more than criticize. Try this one:

    • Tempers are flaring and fingers already being pointed I just think it’s a bit premature to make judgement. And yes HEB has been awesome. I spent 21 years working in a first responder occupation ( conservative law enforcement) and know how rumors get started. Not saying that is what you’re doing. Down fall of trying to type as opposed to face to face communication. And yes you do present a balanced veiw.

  • WTF

  • No one in there right mind will listen to fema

  • How long do we have to suffer the inadequate federal government to finally learn the federal government is NOT the way to get it done no matter how big it gets or how much you get taxed.

  • No

  • Well just to say something about FEMA FEMA is supposed to be a department from the federal government supposed to help victims when disaster strikes the United States but FEMA is being run by globalists in recent years this department has become more liberal and dangerous rather than to protect his own people they’ve been instructing when Louisiana went underwater a lot of people die they were very slow to respond it was all done in part to let people die now we can see some of this happening now in Texas for the same stupid government department is doing the same thing and it’s probably true that I’d try and then they’re not helping the child you have struck things from getting to the people that they need it and this is a plan they have to control the people to bring Devastation instead of helping FEMA is not here to help they’re here it’s a fake situation with them who’s running FEMA that’s the question that should be asked who is running the department in the federal level you going to start from the top the person running the department and then the rest of the idiots beyond that and the ones behind the person as well got to be careful with FEMA the other ones setting up the cat in increments that they bought from Walmart buying caskets and buying hundreds of millions of bullets is just when 9/11 occur it was all planned out to bring us into more regulations and to bring it in to bring us into this mess we’re in now so we got to be very careful what they’re doing

  • Propaganda bull shit people that’s all just propaganda

    • Which part of the article was propaganda? Was it the part that said there were many stories of “aid getting to the needy and in an appropriate time?”


  • I met the regional manager of a nursing home that was evacuated. He said that he had already purchased three (3) generators for his nursing homes, and he had secured transport should they need to be evacuated. FEMA came in and took the generators from the vendor, even though they had been paid for by someone, thus they stole them from someone. As for the evacuation assets, FEMA came in and told the man, “We are taking your assets.” So please tell me how FEMA is helping.