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Facebook Buckles, Reverses Texit Censorship!

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has reversed its censorship of TEXIT after the Texas Nationalist Movement filed a class action lawsuit under Texas’ new anti-censorship legislation.

The lawsuit, which according to legal scholars, had “tech lawyers running scared” was filed in State District Court in Jefferson County. Meta’s attorneys have recently requested that the suit be moved from state court to federal court.

Shortly after the request for removal, Meta’s attorneys called the TNM’s attorney, Paul Davis, and let him know that Meta has removed the ban on TEXIT ( links from being posted on Facebook.

TNM had filed the lawsuit following Facebook’s repeated censorship of posts from TEXIT supporters containing links to TNM’s website, claiming it violated community standards.

“They clearly know that what they were doing was not only wrong but also a violation of Texas law,” explained TNM President Daniel Miller. “We look forward to receiving a settlement from Meta for our attorney’s fees, and we look forward to a public apology.”

“Tech giants like Facebook claim to care about ‘protecting democracy’ but when they censor online discussions about TEXIT, it actually endangers the very thing they claim to protect by engaging in clear viewpoint discrimination,” Miller continued. “Censorship by tech oligarchs will not be tolerated here in Texas — it’s against the law.”

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Staff reports from the Texas Nationalist Movement. The Texas Nationalist Movement is dedicated to the political, cultural, and economic independence of Texas. You can learn more at


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