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Elliot Axelman Makes the Case for Independence in “The Blueprint for Liberty”

“I am sorry to inform you that the country that you once knew and loved is irredeemably broken,” says author Elliot Axelman. In his latest book, he tells the reader that “personal freedom is paramount,” and becoming independent is the only way to restore freedom, civility, and peace.

In The Blueprint for Liberty, Axelman outlines a new republic that would benefit everyone and brings forth three components to his blueprint.

Part one of the book examines each way the US is damaged. Part two presents the methods that have invariably failed to “fix” the United States. Part three delineates the only solution that could permit freedom to live on beyond this generation.

This is a short book that many could read in a couple of days, but the topic is anything other than light. Axelman structures a precise case for secession for every state in the U.S. Every American should find the idea intriguing enough to pick up the book and read it. Axelman does a praiseworthy job of constructing his case. Every American should sit back and question what he or she previously believed about the state of the United States.

Axelman does a remarkable job of emphasizing the philosophical and cultural disparities between the left and the right in America. He argues that resolution of these differences may not be possible. Since resolution is unattainable, Axelman says secession may be the only way. He goes so far as to offer a new Constitution.

Axelman’s case for secession is alluring because it permits both sides to rule in the way they desire. He even tackles the functions of the military in such a split and how important services would be administered. Axelman should be seen as a visionary who brings forth a resolution that could work for a government much different from what we have now in the United States.

As Texas Nationalists have stated for more than two decades, we need to dissolve our ties with the United States and form a completely independent nation of Texas. The current state of the nation has many difficulties due to a government that is trying to push everyone to be the same when they are not.

Axelman’s The Blueprint for Liberty proposes something few books in this genre do – it offers a solid and logical solution. I would highly recommend this book. It is not a piece of fiction, as evidenced by the extensive support footnotes. This book holds you hard, jolts you, compels you to contemplate the world around you, and lays a conceivable foundation for a route to political sanity.

This book is extraordinarily well-written and enlightens the reader to question how free they are in this country. No matter where you fall on the political scope, Axelman will make the reader believe in states’ rights and the conservation of freedom. The outstanding focus is on the idea of freedom as a whole and what it means to human beings. It includes plenty of compelling practical and historical examples and connections that drive its points home in a multitude of ways.

All of Axelman’s arguments and proposals go hand-in-hand with the mission of the Texas Nationalist Movement, “To secure and protect the political, cultural and economic independence of the nation of Texas and to restore and protect a constitutional Republic and the inherent rights of the people of Texas.” Axelman, who is currently working on the New Hampshire independence movement, (NHExit), is a proponent that every state should be working toward its own TEXIT.

This book is a great read and nicely complements Daniel Miller’s book, TEXIT: When and How Texas Will Leave The Union.

Written By

Brandon Reynolds has been an educator for the past 13 years. He is an active member of the Texas Nationalist Movement. He currently holds a Bachelors's degree from Texas State in Psychology. He also has a Masters's degree in Education Administration from Lamar University. Currently, he is working on his Masters in History from Southern New Hampshire University. Brandon was born in Austin, TX. He has lived with his wife, Cynthia, in Rockdale, TX, for four years. He works in Milano ISD as a Junior High School writing teacher. He has five children, three girls and two boys. He is an avid supporter of Texas Independence and devotes much of his time to bringing about Texas Independence.


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