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Does James Bond support Texas Independence?

It is with a bit of whimsy and a touch of sadness that I sit here pondering whether James Bond or rather the first and benchmark actor to portray the character on the big screen, approves of Texas independence.

Logging on the morning of November 1st to do the little bit of work that I had remaining for the week, there in the newsfeed, I discovered that Sean Connery had passed away the previous day. I am a massive fan of the James Bond series. So much so that I still enjoy watching the films in which Lazenby and Dalton carried the fictitious license to kill. Yes, I am that much of a fan to admit this.

I was distracted from the work I had to do as a result of hearing this news. I began reading what various journalists had to say about the iconic actor and his life. It is virtually impossible to read an article about Sean Connery and not find the two bits of information that defined him as an actor, a person, and an international celebrity. I cannot think of a single article I have ever read concerning Mr. Connery that did not remind us of 1) his contribution to the long-running Bond franchise or 2) the fact that he was Scottish. Therefore, it was quite interesting when I learned that Mr. Connery was also an enthusiastic supporter of Scottish independence that the Texas Nationalist Movement has followed and engaged with over the years. I even found a 2014 article that Connery wrote for a British publication called the New Statesman, where he spoke of his reasons for support of Scottish independence.

Though he had not lived in Scotland for most of his life, it was interesting to see how much passion and love he held for his beloved country of origin. This is much like how those of us that consider ourselves Texians have pride in Texas and her values and principles, despite where we may be located at any particular time. Once a Texan, always a Texan, as they say.

Let me pull a couple of thoughts from Mr. Connery’s own words, which illustrate how many of us feel about Texas and our desire to have a free and independent nation once again. He said, “I believe Scotland can and will go further.” Well, how many of us think that Texas absolutely can and will go further? We don’t just think about it. We know it and live it every day.

“Culture and creativity are a force for public good … Scotland will compete with the best.” he wrote. How many times have we heard that Texas can and will hold its head high among the nations of the earth once again? We have some of the greatest minds in terms of science and the arts.

He pointed out the benefits that Scottish independence would have to the Scottish film and arts scene. Being an actor, that was near and dear to his heart, but I would point out the benefits that Texas independence has to Texas simply in terms of the size of Texas. In most years, Texas ranks approximately 10th in the list of the world’s largest economies. Once Texas is an independent nation again, we will indeed contribute to the global cultural scene of the arts and music (how many states have their own music charts) as well as meeting the energy, agricultural, scientific, and economic needs of our global partners.

He wound down his article by pointing out that he believed “the opportunity of independence is too good to miss.” How many of us in the Texas Nationalist Movement have also said that Texas independence is too good to miss?

Reading this article by the beloved actor, though it is six years old, I almost feel as if I’m sitting across a table from Mr. Connery discussing the merits of Texas independence. I can almost hear him in his Scottish brogue, compelling me with the final line of his article. Whether it be related to Scottish independence or Texas independence, it matters not as it seems to apply equally. “Simply put- there is no more creative an act than creating a new nation.”

How exciting is it to contemplate the possibility of once again creating an independent Texas? It seems to me that at least the ultimate 007 agrees.

Written By

Daniel Rice currently serves as the Director of International Engagement for the Texas Nationalist Movement. Daniel grew up in Arizona mostly and can trace his ancestry in America back to before the War for Independence, so the independence spirit was bred into him at an early age. He was a single dad whose son is now serving in the Navy. He has an A.A.S. in Motion Picture, Radio, and Television Production and a B.S. in Business Management. He contributes to the Texian Partisan as well as other liberty-themed outlets.


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