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District 138: The Hottest Race For Texas House

Long-time friend of the Texas Nationalist Movement and an institution in his own right, Claver Kamau-Imani, is running for Texas State House District 138. This run has been a long time in coming, and if successful may represent the most important state House election in decades. Claver made some time from his busy schedule to talk about his campaign.

For a long time, Claver had been receiving encouragement to run for office, but never felt it was the right moment. What he needed was confirmation that God wanted him to take this next leap. It was TNM’s President, Daniel Miller that helped put things in perspective for Claver. Claver related, “It was really Daniel that said, ‘Have you ever considered that God is speaking to you through God’s people? How many folks have you spoken to that you know love the Lord, serve the Lord, and are telling you to do this?’ That is where my spirit kind of quickened and my attitude changed, [that, and also when my wife said] ‘You want to know what I think? If you don’t do it, it would be a waste.’ That’s what got me on board. That’s what got me moving in this direction.”

Claver is in many respects a strong candidate, a conservative’s conservative. Having created the ‘Raging Elephants Network,’ the only activist-bent Republican audio channel to have (according to Claver) the distinction of being offered one million dollars by cronies of the now former Texas House Speaker and RINO Joe Straus, just to shut up, he is uniquely qualified to fulfill the sort of change that many Texas politicians only bring mention in an election year. However, he isn’t running unopposed. And with as much hope as Claver brings to his candidacy, his opponents bring the stench of the swamp/progressive machine of Texas and issues of character in equal amounts.

Enter Josh Flynn, formerly President of the Harris County Department of Education. Flynn resigned his position after only one year of a 6-year term to pursue his long-held ambitions, tipping the board to the Democrats for the first time in 60 years. Although this candidate has since been ruled ineligible by the Texas GOP over improprieties in his resignation, he will still appear on the GOP ballot after suing the party. “He didn’t do anything properly,” said Claver when asked about the candidate and his perplexing status in this primary. “[He’s] brought utter confusion and chaos to this race, which is totally unnecessary. This race is too important for what he’s done to it. [This is] the number one seat that the Democrats want to flip, [and nobody] knows if he’s eligible or not!” Claver went on to say that he had called on Flynn to withdraw from the race, “for the benefit of the voters and of the district,” but Flynn won’t budge. “His decisions and reckless actions were driven by blind ambition. I think he needs to be punished for it, by voters not voting for him, by not receiving a single vote… He did some serious damage to the party.” Claver also criticized Flynn over “buying an endorsement” from the Hotze Slate Mailer, in hopes that that will carry him to victory.

When it came to his other opponent in the Republican primary, Lacey Hull, her issues were ones of gross inexperience and that she’s being funded by shady political interest groups. “No one had ever heard of her in major political circles,” said Claver. “She hasn’t really done anything of significance.” Claver also took Lacey to task for being conscripted by Austin insiders. “I think they recruited her because she’s a pretty face and because she doesn’t know anything, literally, doesn’t know anything about Texas politics… they can shape her and mold her into their image, into what they want her to be. From all evidence so far in this campaign, that’s exactly what’s happened. This is not a time for political neophytes, for those with insufficient battle scars.”

Among those giving Lacey support are Straus apparatchik and recently disgraced former GOP caucus chair Dustin Burrows (whom you might remember from the Bonnen tapes that brought down the last House Speaker), as well as her largest political donor, ‘Texans for Lawsuit Reform’ (a former tort-reform organization that now uses its weight and money to support candidates that advocate for open borders, abortion, and the LGBT agenda). “Without a single vote being cast, she is aligning herself with the worst elements in Texas politics, already… She’s dangerous.” Claver added that since the truth about her funding surfaced, she’s been largely “bunkered,” secreted away in hopes of not drawing negative attention until the election. When she does occasionally make an appearance, she no longer mentions the TLR support that she still receives.

Claver has received some enthusiastic endorsements of his candidacy. Members of the TNM should already know that he carries the organization’s endorsement, recently demonstrating at one forum that he is more than capable of defending the principles of Texas Independence. Also, he was sought after and endorsed by ‘Texas Right to Life,’ an endorsement that Claver holds dearly. However, Claver is also very encouraged by the support he has received while canvassing. They get it that Claver is the one that will bring the fight to the enemy, to take them on at “the back microphone” of the House, much more than you can expect from either Lacey or Josh.

If elected, Claver is adamant that he will resist the special interests that buy out and corrupt so many fresh-faced politicians and that he’ll focus on something that many Texas GOP leaders only give lip-service to… the RPT priorities. Additionally, he has announced that he will only vote for a real conservative to replace Bonnen as Speaker, objecting to any unanimous acclamation… they’ll have to go on the record. Also, he’ll submit legislation to abolish the 10-day rule/death panels in Texas. He also vows to file a bill for a binding referendum on Texas independence. “It may not see the light of day, but it will be filed!” He underscored that he will not run and hide from his belief that independence will be greatest good for Texas.

People in HD 138 have a rare opportunity, to vote for a Republican who knows the issues inside and out, who knows State politics, and who will focus like a laser on the things the party claims to believe. Also, Claver doesn’t have the baggage nor the dubious associations his opponents have. Additionally, Claver suspects that even his opponents know that the he is the best candidate to go toe-toe against the “Beto-backed puppet” in the war the Democrats will bring to claim this seat. For the voters, if they truly want conservative change in Austin, the choice should be clear.

You can read more about Claver’s campaign at

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