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Citizens Historically Dissatisfied With U.S. Governance

Thirteen years have now elapsed since the last time Americans have been satisfied overall with the way the country has been governed. This period spanned three presidents and two parties with a surprisingly consistent consensus: America is headed the wrong direction.

A recently release Gallup poll of 1022 adults across the continental United States revealed that only 28% of Americans are satisfied with the way the nation is being governed. Last September just prior to the election, only slightly more (33%) felt the same way. Interestingly, while a plurality of Democrats were satisfied during the Obama years, a majority of Republicans are not satisfied at this time. In fact, nearly half of those approving of Trump’s performance are nevertheless negative regarding the overall governance of the country.

The last time that Americans felt positively overall was in 2004. Let that sink in.

Is it surprising that after the longest period of uninterrupted warfare in American history that Americans are dissatisfied that their tax dollars have been squandered in foreign wars with no plan for victory? Should we expect that during a period in which the national debt has quite literally tripled (from $7 trillion to over $20 trillion) that citizens would be positive about the national direction?

My question is: what is the exit strategy? What of my children and grandchildren: who will see to it that they live free? What is our plan to alleviate the crushing debt that Washington is heaping on their shoulders? Is our right…our duty to ensure their future security.

Thomas Paine said that “… if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” Friends, it is our time to stand for our posterity.

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