U.S. Sets Spending Record Day After Shutdown

January 31, 2018 Ryan Thorson 1

When the government shutdown came, many who recognize the existential problem with federal deficit spending met the dilemma with some cheerfulness. “At least Washington won’t be over-spending for a bit,” was the belief. However, Washington […]


The Government’s Shutdown, and I Feel Fine!

January 22, 2018 Ryan Thorson 1

This past weekend, Republicans were unable to get a short term spending bill through the U.S. Senate, and the government “shutdown.” This is largely because Democrats wanted amnesty for illegal immigrants who qualified under Obama’s […]


Red Cross Double Cross

January 18, 2018 Andrew Piziali 4

Last fall, as Hurricane Harvey dumped the last of its 60 inches of rain on the drenched Texas Gulf coast, volunteers from all over the Union poured in to help beleaguered Texans. As they collected, […]


GOP, Illegal Immigration, and Mixed Signals

January 15, 2018 Ryan Thorson 1

Last week, President Donald Trump hosted a bi-partisan meeting on DACA and illegal immigration related issues. Unfortunately, that summit and other recent reports have led anyone paying attention to question the motives of all participants […]


This Year in Trump

January 2, 2018 Ryan Thorson 1

Now in January of 2018, we are approaching one full year of Donald Trump being President of the Union. 2017 was a strange and surprisingly quick year, but in a few ways, this first year […]


Happy New Year! 2017 in Review

January 1, 2018 Ryan Thorson 0

2017 is gone and new year upon us! Texas has had some ups and downs in it’s relationship with Washington (less ups and more downs), and I thought we might take a few moments to […]

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