U.S. Sets Spending Record Day After Shutdown

January 31, 2018 Ryan Thorson 1

When the government shutdown came, many who recognize the existential problem with federal deficit spending met the dilemma with some cheerfulness. “At least Washington won’t be over-spending for a bit,” was the belief. However, Washington […]


Ron Paul Forecasts U.S. Collapse

December 28, 2017 Ryan Thorson 3

Former U.S. Congressman from Texas, Ron Paul, is back in the news. Unfortunately, the news he brings is not good for business as usual in Washington. In an interview with the Washington Examiner, the former […]


The GOP Tax Bill and the New Normal

December 4, 2017 Ryan Thorson 0

Well, it’s been almost a year, and President Trump and the congressional Republicans finally have their first major legislative victory. That’s right! A year of legislative activity, with much capitulation to the left side of […]


Texas Wind Energy Reaches New Heights

November 28, 2017 Ryan Thorson 1

The Chron is reporting that energy produced through wind has overtaken coal to become the second biggest energy resource in Texas. The article states, “When a 155-megawatt wind farm in West Texas began commercial operation this month, […]


Bitcoin and Texit

November 16, 2017 Jesse Newberry 0

Anyone who has kept up with Bitcoin (BTC) knows that BTC has become a huge deal and quite the money making investment, with prices increasing seven-fold since the beginning of 2017. They also know that […]

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