We Are Not “Those” Nationalists

August 22, 2017 Noah Smithwick 19

So-called white nationalists have made the news lately with a mix of bigoted speech and violence, a throwback to earlier times of racial protest. While most in the Union can easily condemn these demonstrations, this is […]


Texas Getting a New Oil Refinery

August 8, 2017 Noah Smithwick 2

Texas’ economy has been strong for many years on the strength of a diverse mix of exports, manufacturing, and agricultural products, and because of our low-tax and low-regulatory philosophy. Texas most recently ranked as 10th […]


Texodus: “Let’s Make a Trade!”

July 25, 2017 Noah Smithwick 163

Texas and California stand as exemplars of their respective political philosophies.  No state in the union is so big-government and socially liberal as California.  No state is as fiscally and morally conservative as our fair […]


Lessons For Texas From Mexico

July 18, 2017 Noah Smithwick 9

There’s a little town down in Mexico that freedom-lovers and fans of self-determination need to hear about.  The town of Cheran, population 20,000, in the Mexican state of Michoacan, has taken a proactive approach to […]

Texas State Capitol building

TNM Legislative Endorsements

June 30, 2017 Noah Smithwick 2

The Texas Nationalist Movement is more than just an organization seeking a referendum on Texas’ political independence. The TNM seeks to promote all positive forms of Texas nationalism, including Texas culture, Texas history and respect […]

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