The Alamo Guard Returns

A commemorative wreath of yellow roses flanks the doors of the Alamo chapel.

Last weekend marked the triumphant return of the Alamo Guard to the Alamo!

For regular readers of the Texian Partisan, you likely remember an article published last month on how a four-year tradition of honoring the Texas Republic’s fallen soldiers had been cut short, rather abruptly. However, due to your quick and determined efforts, the tradition of laying a wreath at the Alamo every second Saturday of the month has been restored.

“It really felt great to be back,” says Alamo Guard Captain Chris Jacka, whose company was in rare form on this momentous occasion, featuring a larger than normal showing of Guard members. “The Rangers were very gracious in welcoming us back, and wanted it made clear again that they stand with us 100%. They were glad we were able to continue our professional relationship.” Indeed. The Alamo Guard is very grateful to the Alamo Rangers for first making possible the Guard’s memorial on Alamo grounds. Additionally, the TNM is grateful that the management of the Alamo saw fit to reverse their original decision, and looking forward to greater spirit of cooperation in the future.

With the resolution of last month’s drama, it is good to know that Guard is back, doing their part to preserve our heritage as Texans, reminding us to recognize the dear price that was paid for our land. No doubt, the position of the Guard is now much stronger than it had been. Hopefully, this only beginning of good things to come for the Alamo Guard, the Texas Nationalist Movement, and Texas.

If you would like to see a list of upcoming Alamo Memorial Marches click here.

  • Darkmans_Shadow1

    I participated for the 1st time since I did back when we had the TNM convention at the Crockett Hotel several years ago. I had the pleasure of being able to participate and pay my respects to the defenders of the Alamo who bought time for Gen’l Houston and the Army of Texas to be able to defeat Santa Anna and win historically the largest piece of real estate (all of Texas) in a battle lasting the shortest amount of time ever… 18 minutes at San Jacinto. Were it not for Travis, Crockett, Bowie and the rest of these men at the Alamo, we would possibly still be a part of Mexico. One can never tell. Regardless it is a good thing to be able to stand in silence to pay tribute to these men who didn’t even know they were fighting the fight for an Independent Texas.

  • Blake J Seekamp

  • My uncle was a member of the Texas National Army back in the 1930’s.