Alamo Cenotaph Removal Protest Tomorrow

July 28th at Alamo Plaza, there will be a rally to oppose the relocation of the 1936 memorial to the Alamo dead.

Tomorrow at 10 a.m. in Alamo plaza, there will be a rally to protest the removal and relocation of the Alamo Cenotaph.

This event has been organized by the Alamo Defenders Descendants, and it is important for as many as possible to show up in solidarity and send George P. Bush a message: we will not allow him to desecrate Holy Ground nor open the graves of our sacred fallen. The Texas people do not want this beautiful sacred memorial moved an inch, nor the story of how Texas Liberty was won changed by a word.

This may be short notice for some of you, but if you can arrange it, please be there, in downtown San Antonio, to support Texas and the Alamo cenotaph.

If you plan on attending, please click on the link below and indicate that you will be there.

God and Texas!