Abbott Tosses Hat Back in the Ring

Photo by Ryan Thorson

At the historic Sunset Station in San Antonio, the Texas Governor, Gregg Abbott, in a move that surprised no one, announced that he was seeking a second term.

The event was a smaller venue, invitation only, but was nonetheless packed. Of course, the Texian Partisan was there!

The various chants of “ABBOTT! ABBOTT!” or “KEEP TEXAS RED!” ensured that the event was a lively one, but that wasn’t the only entertainment. Prior to the start of the event, a middle-aged woman, bearing an event issued “Abbott” sign that she had crossed out, was forcibly removed while exclaiming, “They’re taking me out!” She reportedly went boneless and had to be carried away. Also, during the actual speech, another protester took to the upper level yelling something about property taxes, but she was swiftly escorted out by Abbott security, who seemed very much on top of their game.

The Governor’s speech was fine, but nothing especially earth-shattering. Flanked by seated family members, the presentation he gave was more of an it-ain’t-broke-so-why-fix-it speech. Abbott highlighted his policy achievements thus far (such as open carry, foster care reform, and the gang task-force) and renewed his commitments to those reforms not yet delivered or still on-going (such as school choice, a continued commitment to small government, and a pledge to keep Texas the premiere state in the Union). Abbott’s actual announcement of “I’m running for reelection,” was naturally greeted by great applause.

In another moment worthy of note, while touting the steadily improving economy of Texas, the governor commented that “If Texas were its own country, we are doing so well that we would have the 10th largest economy in the entire world!” However, he had to pause as soon as “…were its own country” escaped his lips, because so many people started cheering at the mere mention of a hypothetical independent Texas. I’m glad the governor realizes the popularity of such line, keeping it in his repertoire. Over his next four years (if successful) let’s hope it becomes more than an applause line.

  • Toss constitutional carry in the ring

  • Not surprised. And even with the bathroom bill controversy, I think he gets re-elected easily.

  • He has my vote…

  • Great Governor!

  • hell yeah make texas greater

  • No thanks ! Apparantly Gregg doesn’t care what the people who voted for him want. I want a governor that at least acts like he listens.

  • I’m sending him money

  • Best Governor Texas ever had. Got our vote.

  • Nope, not gonna vote for Abbott over Constitutional Carry.
    Gov Abbot
    I’m voting for your Republican or Conservative rival even though I voted for you last election.

    You showed your true Rhino colors by having King and Todd kill constitutional carry this session, and by refusing to put it on your special session docket.

    You have repeatedly used your Christian religion to oppose abortion at every opportunity.

    Women have a right to autonomy in healthcare decision-making, free from religiously motivated restrictions on choice and safe from manipulation based on theological assumptions about human development. They have the basic right to do with their bodies whatever they please.

    • and they can pay outta their own pockets for what ever they please …idgaf what they do quit using taxpayer money to do it

    • Hey Paul ! Doesn’t the unborn child have a right to live too ? DOESN’T it bother you that we end their lives with torture by ripping their extremities off (heads, arms & legs ) ? We show more compassion for evil cold hearted criminals, mass murderers, serial killers & child milestones !

    • Apparently it doesn’t bother paul with abortion being paid for with taxe dollars all he is wanting is constitutional carry,I want that too but there are other just as important issues that need to be addressed.

    • George Wise you don’t know crap.
      I am for women having a choice. I am against the Government in any form paying or subsidies for anything other than the VA.


  • Big government Greg .. and he never truly stands up to the federal government. He is weak.

    • I see what you did there.

    • Doug Gober ha.. no wasn’t really going there but I’ll let it stay

  • I’ts a shame no candidate can publicly announce “for or against” independence as an election point.

  • Volume for the great governor of the state of Texas we’re supporting him and all the Republicans go Governor Abbott

  • Keep him in as our governor!!

  • He’ll win easily.

  • Danny harrison is working on you greg

  • Best gov. Texas has had at this time in history.

  • Let’s vote him in again so we can have 100 more new laws passed instead of enforcing the ones already on the books.
    Abbott is a clown.

  • Go Abbott. True Texan.