Democrats Attempt Impeachment of Trump

Breaking today, U.S. Representatives Brad Sherman (D) from California and Al Green (D) of Texas announced their intention to introduceย “an Article for Impeachment (H. Res. 438) against Donald Trump for High Crimes and misdemeanors.”

Reported in the Daily Wire, the article accuses Trump of “‘Obstruction of Justice,'” related to the Russian probe (culminating in the firing of FBI director James Comey and the appointment of a special counsel) and recent revelations that Donald Trump Jr. admittedly met with possible Russian operatives of behalf of the Trump campaign, anticipating receiving information damaging to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Although this move is earlier than anticipated, it is not altogether unexpected. As impeachment is a largely political process, and the nature of the accused criminal wrong-doing being a secondary consideration, Texian Partisan previously agreed with those that believe such a submission would only happen after a probable Democrat recapturing of the U.S. House of Representatives. The acceleration of this strategy is undoubtedly advanced with the intention of capitalizing on recent Russia revelations, possibly with the intent to keep the issue alive for use during the forthcoming congressional campaign.

In any event, it is probable that a vote for impeachment will only take place if and when the Democrats regain the House. The numbers simply arenโ€™t there for them to take any unilateral action, and Republican support for such an effort is very unlikely. Either way, there are not near enough votes to get a guilty verdict in the U.S. Senate for the removal of the President.

While information is still forthcoming, and canโ€™t be completely dismissed, so far only the appearance of impropriety seems evident. There is not yet hard evidence to show that President Trump did anything criminal regarding Russia. If this is a serious move on the part of the Democrats at removing Trump, it seems more like a hail Mary than a slam-dunk. However, as mentioned before, that may not matter. The simple fact is that when the Democrats possess the will to impeach/remove Trump, and if they have the numbers, it will happen. Until both those things are in place, chalk this up to political theater and expect this to go nowhere.

  • No surprise here. They can not stand for America to be great again.

    • It is time for the American people to galvanized together and to destroy the Communist socialist Democratic party in America they are anti-American anti-Constitutional, nothing they do is beneficial to America it is only beneficial to those who wish to destroy America they are working for financed by International Bankers who want to form a one-world government and a one world order with them in control the Federal Reserve Bank the Federal Reserve Board the IRS and the ATF all Outlaw agencies must be stopped.

    • I’m in

    • Having the pig Trump in the White House is not going to make this country great.This country was great untill Trump cheated his way to the White House.The pig has to go and will be gone count on it

    • St Harrison we will see about that.

  • Not going too happen. End of story…

  • He’s still going to be our President no matter how much they cry, scream and act like toddlers

  • Grounds?

  • The Insanity has to stop, This is pure insanity at its best. All they really want to do is destroy America and all it stands for.

  • Not happening

  • I don’t think it would go as well as they think it would.

  • Looks like it is finally happening.

  • Texian for Independence

    Maybe this will enrage enough Texans to gain support for secession though…

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  • Screw green, please please..join cali and fucking move!!

  • The Democratic Socialist Party in America is determined they are going to s*** in the face of the American people. They are so pissed that a Grassroots movement collectively brought out the agricultural the real people of America, the thinking people of America, to be sure that Hillary Clinton, was soundly beaten, to keep her from absolutely destroying this nation. Now they’ve decided that they know better than the American people. They know better what’s good for America, than the American people know. They are determined to shove down our throats what they want, whether America wants it or not. Ban The Communist controled socialist, the Democratic party in America. They are unAmerican unConstitutional and absolutely unwanted.

  • Drain the swamp

    • Roger Young

      Better yet, let the swamp drown DC and the rest of us head for the higher ground of an independent Texas!

  • I’m really disappointed that Texas, my home, the greatest state in America, has gone full retard and elected people like Green. I expect that shit from the likes of California, not Texas.

    • Nope, the majority of Red-Blooded Texans are true Patriots. It’s the tiny-whinys that give our Red-Blooded State a sniffle of a cold. The cancerous left will squeak until their little wheels are oiled and still squeak just a little more.

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  • Stupid DemocRats..They’re America Worse Enemy.

    • Roger Young

      No, the Repbubs are stupid, the DemoRats are just plain evil.

  • Just shows how stupid these Democrat law makers are. They don’t even know the law. First you can’t impeach without being charged with a crime. Second you have to have control of the house to impeach.

  • Fake news. They could never muster enough votes even IF they had a legit reason.

    • That’s exactly what our article says: the votes aren’t there for this, and impeachment is largely political with the criminality of the issue not being the compelling factor.

      Please don’t refer to us as “fake news,” especially when you agree with our assessment.

    • Then why even post it. Duhhh

    • Thomas Ritter Its news. That’s why. News doesn’t go away because it’s not welcome.

    • It isn’t news if it isn’t true. Lol hence the term fake news.

    • Ok. Which part is fake? Come on, I’d love to hear it.

      The sources are in the hyperlinks (the highlighted words). Click on them, if you don’t believe it.

      I’ll go out on a limb and guess that you didn’t even read the article. You just saw the title, assumed it was anti-Trump (it’s not), and really wanted to use that slogan you’ve heard so much: “fake news.” So, which part was a lie? I’ll wait for your reply.

    • “Fake news” is a misnomer, it should be called, biased sensationalism. It’s not the facts, it is the way they are presented.

    • Jody Smyth the fact is the democrats are NOT trying to impeach president Trump. Besides impeachment in of itself does not remove a sittinjg president from office. This is FAKE NEWS as in NOT TRUE. LOL

    • Well, if this video is any indication, there are at least 2 Democrats (Reps from TX & CA) trying to impeach Trump. Or are these Dem US reps paid actors?

    • Ryan two democrats saying they want to impeach Donald Trump is like saying two snowflakes is a blizzard. Lol

    • That doesn’t mean it’s not true, which was your original accusation. If you had read the article, you would have noticed I that I wrote “expect this to go nowhere,” and made other references to this being a futile effort except as a campaign ploy. So forgive me if I’m underwhelmed by your retort.

      Everything I reported was accurate and sourced, and the analysis was spot on. You have failed to show the “fake” of it. Although you were given ample opportunity, the best you could do is contribute points, ignorant that I already raised most of them, and say “See?!”

      So please, at least know what you’re talking about before calling anyone a liar. For starters, reading more than the title will do wonders for your understanding. But good chatting with you.

    • Two idiots running their mouths is not “the democrats” trying to impeach the president. It is just two idiot butt hurt democrats. LOL

    • Fascinating. But I’m done shouting at the deaf.

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  • Impeachment?
    ” Do you even Constitutional Law, bro? ” ๐Ÿ˜€

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  • Stupid as fuck on the democrats part, but all the revolution junkies need to put down their hatchets.

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  • Impeach him for what? Crooked Hillary losing and you don’t like him? Ignorant x 10

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  • We’re going to be hearing this BULLSHIT right up till the last day of his second term. Lol

  • why don’t all of you democrats move to a better country?

  • Will a secession vote happen in Guam before it does for fellow seceders in the land of Calexit, Texit and Hawaii (etc.)?

    As Guam prepares to celebrate Liberation Day this week, political leaders on the Pacific island say it’s time to decide whether to remain a US colony or become an independent nation. The US Federal Court in March (of 2017) struck down plans to hold a self-rule plebiscite. It ruled that limiting the vote to the indigenous Chamorro population, which numbers about 65,000 in the multi-ethnic territory, was race-based and therefore unconstitutional. The decision is under appeal and the government has asked the United Nations to take up its cause.

    Many in Guam are heavily dependent on US welfare, though, with about 44,900 individuals (of 160,000 island residents) and 15,650 households receiving food stamps and public healthcare benefits. Federal grants and taxes on US service personnel in Guam also play a large role in meeting the island’s budget and infrastructure needs.

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  • Yeah if the democrats really did this, it’s the end of the Democrat party, they have been on a spiraling demise ever since President Trump won the election, this will be their rock bottom


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