Texas State Capitol building

TNM Legislative Endorsements

June 30, 2017 Noah Smithwick 2

The Texas Nationalist Movement is more than just an organization seeking a referendum on Texas’ political independence. The TNM seeks to promote all positive forms of Texas nationalism, including Texas culture, Texas history and respect […]

"Veto" banner.

The Greg Abbott Vetoes

June 28, 2017 Jesse Newberry 6

Texas news is abuzz over the vetoes executed by Gov. Greg Abbott. While there is much debate over whether the bills that were killed were good or not, why did the governor veto these bills? […]

Texas gold bank withdrawal slip.

Texas Gold Returning to Texas

June 20, 2017 Andrew Piziali 11

“What are ‘dollars’ made of?” “Paper, your kingship.” “Paper!” replied the king incredulously, “You mean [Americans] prefer paper to gold and silver?” So goes the exchange between Minister of Justice Gorkey and King Igor II […]


Re-Texanizing Texas History

June 16, 2017 Jeff Thomason 22

There has long been a trend, especially post Civil War, to re-imagine the War for Texas Independence as a proxy conflict between Washington D.C. and dictatorial rule south of the border. The narrative goes along […]


Does Texas Love Trump?

June 15, 2017 Jesse Newberry 18

Roughly a year ago if you told conservatives that the next president would appoint ​a staunch conservative to the SCOTUS, Dept of Education and EPA, pass the Keystone Pipeline, cancel the Trans Pacific Partnership and […]

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