Joe Straus Shunned by Greg Abbott

Photo element by Gage Skidmore

Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus may have just had his chair at the table yanked away by Governor Abbott.

Reported this past week in Empower Texans, instead of making all his House-side preparations through Speaker Straus, the governor has been “working around” him, choosing not to seek his advice and instead selecting Representatives Cecil Bell, Drew Springer, and Craig Goldman as his emissaries. This last point being significant because two of these reps had been “on the outs with Straus.”

The article goes on to infer that this decision on the part of the governor may have been political retribution for Straus’ efforts to kill many conservative bills, specifically the agenda items of the governor, recently revived for this upcoming special session. If this is the case, it only seems logical that the governor would only work with legislators he trusts. Teaching the Speaker a lesson for his legislative sabotage, much as was taught to him during the Mother’s Day Massacre, is only icing on the cake.

The extent of what this move represents for the career of Straus as Speaker is unknown. Although, such dressing down will likely signal to the House the Governor’s lack of confidence in him, possibly costing him his leadership position in the future. Straus has been steadily making himself persona non grata to conservatives for a while, being a chief impediment to conservative reform. He certainly has been an obstacle to a fair vote for Texas independence. The governor’s abandonment of Straus may be the thing that galvanizes his opposition enough to take action. If this is the beginning of the end for Straus as a power in Texas, his curtain going down will be greeted by much applause.

  • I am just horrified by his horrendous behavior. I think it is time to move on.

    • From Straus or Abbott?

    • I am just being a complete asshole. Its perfectly legal as long as nobody is injured in any way according to Texas law.

  • JimSherwood3

    A step in the right direction. Guess Joe Strauss will file a complaint with the House Democrats… to whom he owes his Speakership ….

  • Governor is no fool!

  • Strauss is a POS so….

  • We need a real Republican as Speaker…

    • I don’t care what letter is beside his name. He should have Texas, the constitution, and his job at the forefront, not dollar bills and lobbyists first.

  • Donmo

    Strauss has been a mill stone around the neck of Texas far longer than should have ever been allowed. He has held the power of God over needed legislation for Texas unmercifully and needs to be replaced by a good person who actually has Texas best interests at heart, and not the liberal leftist and the profitability generated to him by lobbyists through such blatant favoritism and social leanings. His ego needs a true Texas reality check and demotion.

  • Get him out! Rino….bad for Texas!!

  • We’ve had way too much Strauss.

  • Joey is a punk.

  • Bravo!

  • Joe Strauss has to go!He has been a thorn in Governor Gregg Abbotts side for quite a while.

  • Stu Nahan

    Straus sucks bad and needs to go. Something about Jews and politics that just don’t work out well for those whom they are supposed to represent.

    • René Guerieri Wood

      Did you say this guy being a Jew is a Problem?? Bigot much, Bubba?

      • Stu Nahan

        Your lack of intelligence is revealed in your trite, pejorative, Southern moniker.

        Roughly 80% of Jews voted against Trump. That is beyond dispute.

        Who are the US Senators behind massive immigration and gun grabs (aka anti-2nd amendment)? Think Boxer, Bernie Sanders, Feinstein, Shumer, Blumenthal.. All Jews.

        When the Supreme Court tried to force gay marriage down the throat of America every Jew on the court, of which there are 4, voted in favor. You think that would happen in Christian Texas? Wake up.

        Straus’ record in Texas is no different from his fellow Jews in Washington, DC. Pro foolish immigration, pro sanctuary city nonsense, etc. In other words, he’s in favor of wrecking Texas.

        The San Antonio Express News which helped give Straus the victory in his most recent primary is owned by the Hearst corporation. Guess who’s running the Hearst Corporation? I’ll give you a hint, he’s part of the same tribe as Straus. So, we have a NY newspaper run by a Jew telling Texans about politics.

        And “bigot” is the incorrect word. If my perspective wasn’t backed by sufficient data points (of which there are plenty more) then it wouldn’t be intolerance of others points of view it would be based on race/religion in which case it would be called antisemitism even though Jews aren’t Semites.

        • René Guerieri Wood

          It’s not Pejorative. i call people i love Bubba. Dumbass Bigoted Fascist Alt Right Nationalist.
          that’s Pejorative 🙂
          thanks for clearing up that Anti semitism i noted from you.

          • Stu Nahan

            Feel free to engage the observations made re: Senatorial voting records/positions and SCOTUS justice voting and disprove them.

            “noted” is poor grammar. Even if you used “noted” it would be more accurate to say “noted in you”. Observed would have been the appropriate choice.

            Did you go to college?

  • I guess his employer pays more than the people that voted him in!!

  • Strauss needs to be tossed out of office

  • Joe Strauss gives his wife yeast infections just to have continuity with his irritating personality.

  • Please stay home and let the conservatives run Texas. Oh about half will have to stay home too.

  • We need a list of the RINO bastards that keep joining up with Democrats in choosing Strauss. They are the only ones who can fix this. I want names. Then we will target those for defeat in the next primary election.

    • Unfortunately, he was unanimously voted in as speaker this year. They all know that if someone votes against him, he will take revenge on them by placing them on less important committees, etc. The Texas House Freedom Caucus needs to grow to where they have enough votes to oust him or others like him in the future.

    • Thanks for that information. His Speakership must be aggressively challenged and he must be defeated. I will be contacting my Representative and let her know I speak for a lot of Texans who are tired of one man shooting down their legislative desires. Hopefully, this is his last term in that position.

  • Joe Straus Speaker of the House of the state of Texas, is the epitome, of a shitstain on the landscape of Texas. He should have his ass yanked off the floor of the house and thrown to the curb and possibly hung for his treasonous acts against the state of Texas and its people.

  • I dont understand this. Both are mean spirited hateful Republicans that Texans love.

    • Just like Jerry Brown in California, dumbass DemonRat’s Californian’s love!

    • Abbott is a hairless prick

      • 1G25

        Another Democrat manifests his culture level.

    • You can always move you know

  • This POS Hitler wannabe is as worthless as Trump

  • Finally. Straus has needed the boot for years.

  • Pot calling the Kettle black !

  • That’s the biz sweetheart!

  • Get rid of Strauss !

  • I don’t exactly like Joe either!

  • Strauss is a puppet who does not represent the people. He is a Laodicean wishy washy minion.

  • Good. If it’s true then it’s one of the best things that could have happened.

  • Strauss MUST be removed as Speaker! He is no Conservative. Good for Gov Abbott!!

  • Our fine governor is of the same ilk as Trump. Pathetic.

  • I cant quite fucking hear you. Whiny lying bitches have taken over the internet.

  • Joe Straus is trying to turn Texas blue. He needs to go.

  • Joe Strauss need to leave Texas and join his California buddies

  • Wear it like a badge of honor, Mr Strauss. Continue to protect ordinary citizens from the specious agenda of Patrick, Abbott and Bettencourt

  • Straus is one of the view voices of reason in a government run by extremist.

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  • Whatha? Speaker Straus is our last line of defense for sanity!

  • Of course About wants to circumvent the system. Abbott has demonstrated a complete disregard for input from the citizens including cutting out the speaker of the house from the process. He demonstrated the same tactics to restrict free speech in his SB4. Wonder when the citizens are going to get tired of being manhandled from their politicians?

  • It is about dam time!!!!!!

  • That’s a compliment!

  • Greg Abbott is an embarrassment to the State of Texas right along with Dan Patrick. They have zero humanity.

    • 1G25

      What part of Austin do you slink around in ?

  • Strauss should be Tar’ed and Feathered and run out of the state …..

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